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What You Need to Know About Wisdom Teeth Removal Sydney

Wisdom Teeth Removal Sydney or Third Molar Removal is a fairly common procedure done to patients of ages in the early 20s to even late 30s. As the wisdom tooth is the last tooth to come out of the mouth, it usually does not have enough space to guarantee a proper eruption.

That being said, a partially erupted wisdom tooth often poses several problems. such as severe discomfort and pain that may cause some disturbances to the patient’s daily life, strain on the jaw, difficulty with opening the mouth and with eating and speaking, jaw pain that may radiate to the face causing severe headaches, cheek biting and eventual trauma to the inner cheek, and possible development of cysts.

With the wisdom tooth being located in the back of the mouth, it may also cause problems such as tooth decay as patients often have a hard time brushing and flossing the area. It may also cause problems on the adjacent tooth especially if the eruption pattern is moving against it. Thus, causing damage to the otherwise healthy second molar.

To remove the worries for such risks imposed by your wisdom teeth, it is best to have your dentist Sydney perform wisdom tooth removal as a preventive measure.

Wisdom Teeth Removal SydneyWisdom Teeth Removal Procedures

A visit to your dentist for wisdom teeth removal Parramatta for a consult is first to be done. Your dentist will take several diagnostic tests to locate the tooth and to make a game plan for ease of removal.

X-Rays will be taken to check the bone overlying the tooth, the position of the tooth in the jaw, and the surrounding structures that may affect the surgery.

Some wisdom teeth removal may be done through simple tooth extraction whilst some may require surgical procedures. In any case, our team of experienced dental surgeons will walk you through the treatment plan.

After proceeding with a jab of anaesthetics and making sure the area is numb, your dentist will use the X-rays as a guide in removing the tooth, removing the bone around it if there is a need to.

After the extraction, sutures will be put in place to help with wound healing and to refrain any food debris from entering the open socket when you eat.

After which, your Dentist Wisdom Tooth Removal will educate you on the proper post-extraction protocols and the proper oral hygiene measures that you need to do to facilitate better and faster tooth extraction healing.


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