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Finding an Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dentist Near MeEmergency situations are unpredictable. Ironically, sometimes the more that you try to be cautious, the more you encounter unfortunate events.

Clumsy walkers may trip on their feet whilst strolling on the sidewalk and land on their face, causing fractured teeth, excited eaters may bite on something hard whilst they happily eat their meal and caused a chipped tooth, and playful children and sporty athletes may get too into their game and knock-out their tooth.

In such events, having the contact of an emergency dentist Sydney near you would be quite handy.

But how do you find the best emergency dentist near you? There are several details on this emergency dentist Parramatta that you should check and verify as you look up online for the best emergency dentist near me and to help you in your search, we’ve narrowed it down to three.


This is especially important when you encounter problems beyond the normal clinic hours of a Parramatta emergency dentist. Some emergency dentists have made their clinic available during the weekends and public holidays where most patients can visit for emergency dental care.

But aside from that, you should also check whether these emergency dentists can give you consults at a later time of day such as during the evenings so you remain worry-free with the guidance of an emergency dentist at hand.


The more conveniently accessible to you, the better. There are some urgent dental emergency cases that are time-essential such as when you have knocked out your tooth. If the emergency dentist can put the tooth back within 2 hours from the incident, there is a higher chance that the tooth will be preserved. 


Whilst there could be many emergency dentist near me, having qualified emergency dentists who can prioritise your dental needs and render emergency dental care in the quickest and most effective way possible is most important. These emergency dentists are trained to be quick-thinkers so they can give the best emergency dental services for their patients.


Dentist Parramatta

General Dentistry

Best Sydney Dentist

With the number of available dentists near Parramatta, looking for the Best Sydney Dentist should no longer be a problem. Information on the services and patient testimonials of these dentists and dental clinics are up on their websites to make choosing the perfect dentist for your needs an easy task. 

But going beyond just going online and searching for whichever dental clinic is closest to you should be considered. Instead, checking on whether their services are made with excellent care should be given the most priority.

Best Sydney DentistSuch is the commitment of Parramatta Dentistry. Our dental clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art materials and equipment, giving our dentist Parramatta a wide range of treatment options to serve you best.

Most modern practices nowadays are less invasive and can be done in a short amount of time, maximising your every visit with us whilst practicing conscious efforts in your dental treatment.

Aside from our up-to-date technology, our dentists are also capable of handling specialised dental procedures so you are guaranteed to be in the safest hands during the course of your treatment. They are well informed of the newest techniques in dental medicine so the best plan is laid out for you.

With their knowledge and experience in the practice, your expectations for your treatment and the desired result can be definitely achieved.

Parramatta Dentists are also dedicated to making your experience with us as comfortable as possible, making sure you understand the treatment well. Good patient-dentist communication is also established so you can discuss with your best Parramatta dentist how you feel about the treatment and this way, we can give you excellent care whilst considering your needs.

Not only does the best dentist Sydney in Parramatta Dentistry look forward to helping you with creating your dream, perfect smile, but they will also guide you through a journey towards a healthy smile for your future, eliminating worries for dental problems and instead, helping you feel more at ease and confident with your smile.

Restorative Dentistry

Tooth Crown Cost

Dental Crowns are a restorative solution to protect and preserve the teeth whilst encouraging normal functions such as aesthetics and chewing and biting. This is basically a cap that is placed over a tooth that has been damaged due to several reasons such as extensive tooth decay, significant tooth fractures, and root canal therapy.

Tooth Crown CostAfter such dental work that required some amount of tooth reduction, the tooth is more prone to breakage.

To prevent the need to extract the tooth, a tooth crown is placed as a helmet, protecting the tooth structure that is left and allowing the patient to comfortably chew and use the tooth for its purpose.

This is especially important for molars which receive great forces during eating.

While for teeth visible when you smile, dental crowns Parramatta are made as natural looking as possible, perfectly mimicking the appearance and feel of the rest of your tooth to enhance aesthetics.

We understand the importance of tooth crowns, but how much does a crown cost?

Depending on several factors such as the location of the involved tooth in the mouth, amount of tooth reduction, patient’s specifications and budget, and the dentist’s treatment plan, the material for dental crown Parramatta may vary.

Dental Crown Cost in Sydney

Dental Crowns are quite an investment as this would cost the patient around $1800 – $2500 per tooth depending on the material of choice. As this treatment is quite pricey, looking for the best dentist to achieve your expectations while considering the value for money is important.

Tooth Crown Cost in Parramatta Dentistry

For whatever purpose it will serve, several options for material for tooth crown Parramatta is available at Parramatta Dentistry and this is discussed with you by our team of dental professionals so you know which would suit your case best.

  • E-max Crowns – $1650 per tooth

E-max Crowns are made from ceramic and this material has incredible aesthetics and durability. Through the use of modern CAD/CAM techniques that are readily available in our clinic, we can craft your tooth crown in one appointment.

This is especially recommended for patients who need tooth crown Parramatta for their front teeth as the crown can easily be done and quickly installed.

  • Zirconia Crowns – $1795 per tooth

Zirconia is an all-ceramic crown that is superior in strength so this is advised as an option for tooth crowns for molars where there are heavier chewing and biting forces. The zirconia material distributes equal strength and this helps with its durability and longevity even when subjected to many dental functions.

  • Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns – $1795 per tooth

This is one of the most common materials used for dental crown Parramatta as this combines the excellent aesthetic qualities of porcelain and the durability of the metal underneath. However, with two materials composing this crown, more tooth reduction is required therefore preserving the natural tooth is not made as much of a priority. 

  • Gold Crowns

Gold is considered the ideal and most biocompatible material in the mouth and presents with excellent strength, therefore it shouldn’t be a problem should the material be placed in molars. However, the colour contributes to it being less aesthetic therefore is not often selected as a material nowadays.

As for the price of a gold crown, it depends on the current value of gold.


Parramatta Dentist

Dental Emergency

Emergency Dental Services

What your emergency dentist does once you reach the hospital in search of emergency dental services varies depending on your case. Checking for signs and symptoms is the first to be done to identify the severity of the case and to lay out a systematic plan on how to approach and treat the problem.

The common complaints of patients who visit the dental clinic for emergency needs are those who have chipped or fractured their teeth, completely knocked out their tooth, and severe toothache.

Emergency Dental ServicesFor those with chipped or fractured teeth, though this a non-urgent case, setting an appointment with your emergency dentist Sydney should be done as quickly as possible to restore your smile. This is especially important if you have events or social situations that require speaking or smiling.

If in case this was caused by some accident, checking for any signs of bleeding or swelling is imperative so your Parramatta emergency dentist can check for any underlying problems and deal with them accordingly.

In patients with knocked-out teeth, refrain from cleaning the tooth as the root surface has essential parts on it to facilitate replanting of the tooth back to the socket. Head to the nearest emergency facility or an emergency dentist in Parramatta as soon as possible so that your dentist can save and preserve the tooth.

Severe toothache is only a problem when regular dental visits are not committed to. As much as possible, taking medications is not considered unless you have advice from your emergency dentist Parramatta.

Call your emergency dentist for guidance on what to do and what medications to take to relieve the pain. Then, set an appointment so your dentist can help identify the problem and provide treatment for it.

But do remember that in an emergency situation, first-aid measures are one of the most important factors that would help achieve the desired results during dental emergency problems. When proper first aid is done, emergency dental services are only adjunct to it.


Invisalign Cost Sydney

Invisalign is an increasingly popular Orthodontic treatment. This is a clear aligner that is custom made to your set of teeth and is worn for periods of time to encourage the movement of misaligned teeth to their desired and proper position.

Invisalign Cost SydneyUnlike metal braces, these clear aligners are at an advantage in terms of being more aesthetically pleasing as they are indiscernible when you smile. This contributes to patient’s demands of having their teeth straightened without the appearance of unsightly metal wires and brackets on their teeth.

Invisalign Sydney is a durable, comfortable, and effective treatment for misaligned teeth. However, this is not for everyone.

Depending on your case, your dentist will determine whether Invisalign braces is the option for your Orthodontic treatment. This is often influenced by the severity of the case, patient’s specifications and expectations, patient’s attitude towards the treatment, and patient’s budget.

Invisalign Cost in Sydney

The cost of your Invisalign procedure is determined by the difficulty of the case as this would identify the number of custom aligners that will be made for you. Your trained dentist will explain this to you during the screening procedure.

In Sydney, minor cases would cost around $4,500, whilst difficult cases will cost up to $9,000.

Invisalign Price in Parramatta Dentistry

Parramatta Dentistry offers not only one of the most affordable Invisalign cost Sydney, but also works around the patient’s budget as expenses can be paid in installment according to the length of the procedure.

Aside from that, to avoid unnecessary spending, our team of trained Parramatta orthodontists who are experienced Invisalign experts will help you understand your treatment so you know the number of clear aligners that will be made for you. With this, you will only spend as needed.

Here are the packages for Invisalign price Parramatta depending on your case:

  • Express Package for $4300 – up to 7 clear aligners
  • Lite Package for $6690 – up to 14 clear aligners and 2 sets of refinement aligners for 2 years
  • Moderate Package for $7590 – up to 24 clear aligners and unlimited refinement aligners for 2 years
  • Comprehensive Package for $7790 – unlimited clear and refinement aligners

To get straighter, better, and healthier teeth, Parramatta Dentistry offers Invisalign for a price of $4300 – $7790. Aside from this, a comprehensive treatment plan will also be made for you for $500. After treatment, maintenance of your smile is essential and this includes a $300 retainer.

Therefore, on average, Invisalign patients of Parramatta Dentistry will only need to spend around $8000, all inclusive, for their dream smile. 

General Dentistry

Best Parramatta Dentist

Best Parramatta DentistExperience and knowledge, superb patient handling, conscientiousness, and confidence are among the few things that you should find in your best Parramatta dentist.

Cases are different per patient and their adaptive ability to use their experience in the craft as well as their knowledge in how to handle the different patient problems presented to them is an important factor to have.

But aside from their unparalleled confidence in dental medicine, patient compassion is also a characteristic that should not be overlooked.

Parramatta Dentistry thrives in the promise that they are able to handle your dental problems whilst considering your specifications and your budget.

A quality dental treatment made reasonably affordable for patient’s contentment is a priority.

Parramatta Dentistry offers a variety of services to be able to address all your dental concerns under the care of one dental clinic and among them include:

General and Preventive Dentistry

This involves preventing dental problems through procedures such as professional teeth cleaning, fluoride application, and regular dental check-ups. Diagnostic measures including x-rays are also important to make sure that you have a healthy mouth.


Patients with malaligned teeth are treated through metal braces or the more advanced treatment called Invisalign. Through this, patients are able to properly clean their teeth without the worries of plaque accumulation in between crowded teeth and they are also more confident with the way they smile.

Pediatric Dentistry

Dentistry is not just for adults, but it is actually more important for kids. Having good oral health and practicing excellent oral hygiene measures at a young age prevents the need for dental treatments and expenses in the future.

As children grow older, a dental visit will help with the guidance on how to take care of their teeth and mouth.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Patients who want a brighter and healthier smile consider Cosmetic Dentistry as a treatment option. This includes teeth whitening, dental veneers, and dental crowns and bridges among others to help with bringing better confidence to a patient’s smile.

Emergency Dentistry

As patients now have a more demanding lifestyle with work or studies during regular days, it is good to have contacts with after hours emergency dentist who can provide dental treatment during holidays and weekends. Also, in the event of unpredictable accidents, Parramatta emergency dentist who can make themselves available for first aid guidance even during the night is a handy measure to have.

For gentle dental care you deserve, schedule an appointment with your best dentist Parramatta now.



Restorative Dentistry

Tooth Filling Cost

When you are dealing with tooth decay, restoration through tooth filling is almost inevitable and this is especially important to prevent further damage and risk having your tooth removed.

Tooth Filling CostThere are several types of dental fillings available at Parramatta Dentistry and the material of choice will depend upon your case. Your Parramatta dentist will factor in things such as your age, oral habits, the size of tooth decay, and your other specifications.

Such materials in most clinics include glass ionomer, composite, porcelain, and gold restorations with each serving different purposes.

Glass ionomers are mainly used in treating tooth decay for children as this has fluoride-releasing properties which can help strengthen baby teeth. Meanwhile, composite and porcelain materials are tooth-coloured materials that can help with providing aesthetic properties to perfectly mimic the natural tooth.

Modern composite and porcelain materials have excellent durability as well, making them an excellent choice of material for restorations in molars.

Lastly, the ideal restoration is done through metals such as gold as it exhibits excellent biocompatibility and promises longevity due to its superior strength and ability to withstand any chewing forces applied to it.

For such restorations, how much does a filling cost?

Dental Filling Price in Sydney

Depending on the size and the number of teeth surfaces to be restored as well as the selected material to be used, composite tooth filling price in Sydney can reach up to $400.

Dental Filling Cost at Parramatta Dentistry

When you visit our clinic for treatment of your tooth decay, our dentists are to take X-rays of your tooth to determine the size of the decay and the appropriate material to be used. For simple composite restorations, tooth filling cost will start at $150.

Meanwhile, more extensive tooth decays will have to be treated by inlays or onlays and this investment will cost $1,200 whilst dental crown cost will start at $1,650. For a better approximation of the cost of your treatment, do set an appointment with our friendly team of dental professionals.

At Parramatta Dentistry, we also understand that some dental fillings and restorations can be quite costly such as those that warrant a significant amount of tooth reduction and therefore must be replaced with a more sturdy material such as dental crowns.

For this, we accept health insurances that cover dental fees to help with your costs. Do bring your health card for on-site checking and claiming or give us a call so we can assist with your dental needs.


Dentist Parramatta

Dental Emergency

Dental Emergency

To understand what to do in the advent of a dental emergency, you have to be able to identify dental emergencies first and when they are considered to be urgent, and when they can be put off for a few hours.

Dental emergencies are time-bounded situations wherein a quick response is needed to be able to achieve desired results once the concern has been professionally handled. In such cases, first aid measures should be aptly provided until you can reach the nearest hospital or emergency dentist Sydney to receive emergency dental services.

Dental EmergencyCertain dental emergencies should be given quick first aid measures and then should be immediately brought to an emergency dentist or the hospital for professional help such as extensive dental trauma involving the jaws and the face, completely knocked-out tooth, locked jaws, and uncontrolled bleeding.

Meanwhile, some dental emergencies can be applied with home care and first aid and then scheduled for a consult at the earliest time possible. These are considered non-emergent. Such cases include chipped or fractured teeth, toothache, and minor trauma to the soft tissues such as the lip and tongue.

After identification of the problem at hand, what to do next is to immediately schedule an appointment. If the problem happened beyond regular working hours, seek help by contacting an available after hours emergency dentist.

Several dental clinics have made their services readily available even after clinic hours as they understand that some patients may need help even after these times. The contact numbers of emergency dental Parramatta may be found on their site and calling for guidance on what to do and scheduling an appointment at the earliest time possible is what you should do.

In urgent cases, however, emergency dental care can be provided at an emergency facility near you. This is especially for patients who encounter accidents that have caused considerable damage to their faces and jaws and first aid measures would not suffice for the betterment of the patient.

In any case, having the contact details of your Parramatta emergency dentist and the emergency facility near you is always a good measure at hand so emergency situations can be dealt with at the quickest time possible.


Dentist Parramatta

General Dentistry

Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost

Wisdom Teeth Removal CostSome patients consider having their wisdom teeth removal Sydney done as a preventive measure. This is after knowing the possible effects of having a partially erupted wisdom tooth in the mouth especially the severe pain that comes with it.

Meanwhile, others only rely on wisdom teeth removal when they are already experiencing severe pain associated with their wisdom tooth. Patients often complain about difficulty with going about their daily lives including eating and speaking as the pain on their wisdom tooth makes it close to impossible to do so.

For wisdom teeth removal price, depending factors that your dental surgeon will consider include the difficulty of the case as well as the amount of bone reduction to be done, the presence of infections or other possible sources of complication during surgery, the experience of the attending dental surgeon, the number of injected anaesthetics as per patient’s pain tolerance, and the need for other surgical procedures such as the inclusion of the adjacent second molar for extraction if it is already affected.

Different patients will warrant a different treatment plan and these are things that your Parramatta dentist will factor in and will discuss with you to determine the wisdom teeth removal cost.

How Much is Wisdom Teeth Removal in Sydney?

For Wisdom Teeth Removal, your dentist will first determine whether the case is leaning towards simple extraction or will have to undergo surgical procedures. This will be done through X-rays and other diagnostic procedures.

When all factors have been considered and you are to undergo simple extraction, this will cost you around $300 – $350 per tooth. Meanwhile, wisdom teeth removal price of surgical in nature are valued at the range of $500 – $600 such that removal of all four wisdom teeth is priced more or less $2400.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost in Parramatta Dentistry

You can find solace in the cost of wisdom teeth removal Parramatta in our clinic as we offer some of the most reasonably affordable rates. Our compassionate dentists will only do what is necessary to refrain from additional spending on your part.

Simple wisdom teeth removal cost is priced at $250. However, if you need a surgical wisdom tooth extraction, the price is approximated at $350 – $450. At Parramatta Dentistry, you can have your 4 wisdom teeth removal for around $1800.

General Dentistry

Dental Cleaning Cost

Dental Cleaning CostFor a healthy mouth and a bright smile, professional dental cleaning is one of the most important dental preventive measures that patients should religiously do. Aside from the regular oral hygiene practices involving toothbrushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash, a twice a year or every 6 month teeth cleaning should be done.

Your teeth, your mouth, and your overall health will thank you for scheduling a routine professional teeth cleaning as this appointment not only scales and cleans your teeth and removes plaque and tartar, but also consists of a comprehensive dental check-up.

This visit to your dentist Sydney will prevent tooth decay and eventual tooth extraction. Your dentist will also pick up early signs of dental problems and unhealthy oral habits. With early detection, immediate management and treatment can be done.

Teeth Cleaning Cost in Sydney

All dental clinics in Sydney will offer professional dental cleaning with several inclusions depending on what you and your dentist have discussed. It is important that you select a dental clinic that will offer several services under their teeth cleaning package so you can maximise your visit with them.

Simple teeth cleaning in Sydney will cost you around $250 – $300.

Dental Cleaning Cost at Parramatta Dentist

At our clinic, we offer one of the most affordable packages for teeth cleaning. Professional dental cleaning cost is only $199 and this friendly price already includes a comprehensive examination, teeth cleaning and scaling, and application of fluoride to strengthen the teeth. 

Our new patients will also find that this service is good value for their money as we have no gaps dental offer in which their first visit to us will have no cost at all and will only be $199 if there’s no health fund for our new patient special with the inclusions of examination, cleaning and scaling, fluoride application, 2 small X-rays, and a Panoramic X-ray (OPG).

The addition of diagnostic X-rays will help identify other relevant dental concerns so our dentist can coordinate with you for better oral health.

As we also practice affordable and compassionate dentistry in our clinic, we accept health insurances which can help with lesser to zero expenses when it comes to Preventive Dentistry

Should you be in need of assistance, do give us a call and set an appointment with our team of highly skilled dental professionals for your next teeth cleaning.



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