Dentist Sydney

Dentist Sydney

Parramatta Dentistry is located in the conveniently accessible location at Suite 25, Lvl 3/27 Hunter St which is close to prime landmarks such as Parramatta Westfield Shopping Center and Parramatta Train Station. This excellent spot earns us the ability to provide dental care to a majority of local and visiting patients.

The Parramatta Dentistry Promise

At our Parramatta dental clinic, modern techniques and advanced technology are made available to ensure that the best treatment is given to our patients. Such techniques are mostly less invasive compared to their traditional counterparts. Our skilled and friendly dentists will educate you on these innovative treatments.

In practicing conscientious efforts in saving the natural tooth of our patients, the best dentist Sydney exerts all possible means as these dental professionals understand that nothing compares to the natural tooth. A series of comprehensively analysed procedures is prepared so when you are in the dental chair, our dentists know their game plan and they are able to proceed with your expectations in mind.

Our commitment to excellent service is done while securing comfortable and competitive expenses for our patients. While some procedures may be expensive, we ensure that your money is put in good value and your investment in your teeth is made worthwhile.

For your reference, we offer several treatments and procedures in our clinic. The best dentist Parramatta will construct a treatment plan for you based on what you need to maintain a healthy mouth.

Such procedures may be as follows:

Preventive Dentistry includes a twice a year, every 6-month visit to the dentist for professional teeth cleaning and scaling as well as a comprehensive check-up to identify the presence of other dental concerns including tooth decay, underfilled cavities, fractured teeth, and erupting wisdom tooth.

In the event that a tooth cavity is removed, restorative dentistry will come into play as the tooth will now be filled with materials depending on your case. Tooth-coloured composite dental fillings are a treatment solution not just for the front teeth but also for the molars as modern composite materials possess superior strength for chewing. 

Meanwhile, Prosthodontic and Cosmetic Dentistry is the solution when a patient would like to enhance their smile through dental prostheses that look and feel like natural teeth. Tooth gaps are treated with bridges, dental crowns, dentures, or dental implants.

Meanwhile, a discoloured tooth may be renewed through cosmetic dental veneers or teeth whitening. Discussions with your dentist will help identify your need for any of these procedures.

This is one of the major procedures that we do in our clinic. Root Canal Treatment or Endodontic Treatment is done to preserve the tooth in the presence of infection in the tooth pulp. The canal housing the tooth pulp is shaped and cleaned to remove the bacteria and medications are placed to relieve the infection.

The treatment is capped off by a dental crown for a more aesthetic look and to allow the tooth to retain its function.

Depending on the case, the best Sydney dentist will identify whether you are in need of a simple or surgical extraction. Our dentist Parramatta are highly skilled in handling complex dental surgeries so you can relax during the procedure with the guarantee that you are in good hands. 

Our clinics are also equipped with the technology needed for good diagnosis such as OPG and CBCT which are important tools to help with reducing the risks that may come during surgery.

Aside from these aforementioned procedures, we also provide gentle dental care for the whole family so your visit to us will make sure that your children’s dental needs will also be taken cared of.

Overcoming dental anxiety may be difficult when children are older. Therefore, making them comfortable and understanding that the dentist means well during treatment is best done at an early age with children’s dentistry.

As children are also more prone to eating sweets and their oral hygiene practices may not be at best, the guidance of a dentist is important to prevent tooth decay and other dental problems in the future.

Dentist Sydney