Best Dentist Parramatta

Conveniently located on 27 Hunter Street, Parramatta Dentistry is walking distance from Parramatta Westfield Shopping Centre and Parramatta Train Station. Our dental clinic provides a wide range of dental services from general dentistry, major dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. We pride ourselves on our quality of care and affordable prices, where our team is passionate and enthusiastic about everything dental.

Being a part of Sydney’s second central business district and the best dentist Parramatta, we understand how busy and hectic everyone lives is. So finding a trusted dental team to look after your general dental care is one thing we strive to offer. Our team especially our oral health therapists are expert in taking care of our patient’s routine check up and clean. The aim for these 6 monthly routine cleans is to maintain and upkeep an excellent oral health and prevent the risk of any major dental work. The combination of being reminded and pre-booking your 6 monthly scale and clean at Parramatta Dentistry is to ensure that our patients will have good oral health.

Other than scale and clean treatments, our dentists in Parramatta provide additional general dental care in other services such as dental fillings, extraction, mouthguard, splint, x-rays and CBCT scan. All these further general dental care if it is necessary for the patient will be discussed with the patient at their routine check up and clean. Treatment plan with cost and time frame is provided for ongoing treatments.

Parramatta Dentistry near Westfield is just one out of our five convenient located branches in Sydney. At our Parramatta dental clinic we are highly regarded for our cosmetic dental services. Our cosmetic dentist Parramatta perform outstanding and affordable dental veneers. For patients who desire a Hollywood smile, our composite or porcelain veneer packages are able to help you transform your smile. Other well known cosmetic dental services we provide are teeth whitening and gum lifting.

The same procedure is also provided with our major dental treatments. A treatment plan is discussed and provided through their routine check up or at a detailed consultation appointment. Major dental treatments offered at our Parramatta dental clinic are root canal therapy, crowns, bridge, implant and braces. Our surgery is modern with the latest advancement in dental technology. This allows our dental clinics to offer same day crown services with our advanced CEREC machine. Also with the up to date x-ray machine, we are able to take OPG and CBCT scans without referring to a third party. This means saving patient’s time on running around to different dental clinics in Parramatta and able to provide a proper diagnosis on the treatment.

However sometimes unforeseeable dental trauma can occur and emergency dental Parramatta treatment is needed. Being so close to Parramatta Westfield shopping centre, our dental clinic makes it easily accessible to get to by foot, train or driving. Our team will do our best to fit our emergency patients in for an appointment on the same day. For same day emergency cases we may not have enough time to perform the whole treatment. However our dentist Parramatta will do their best to get you out of any pain or discomfort for a proper treatment at the next appointment.