Teeth Cleaning Parramatta

Teeth Cleaning Special Offer For New and Returning Patients:

No-Gap (with Dental Cover) or $199 (without health fund)

The answer to this question depends on your location, the specific dental clinic you visit, and your insurance package. All of these things will affect how much is teeth cleaning cost. Below is an example of typical cost for dental cleaning

  • Our Website Special for New Patient
    • No Gap (with private dental extras cover) or $199 (without private dental cover) for above Item 011, 114, 121, 022, 037. This is 60-65% off or $199-$213.50 saving, making teeth cleaning or teeth washing much more affordable for our patients.

  • Returning Patients
    • Only $188 (Gap payment dependent on your health fund rebate)

Teeth cleaning reduces the chance of cavities and gum disease. It’s recommended you see your dentist every six months to get a routine check up and dental cleaning. If you have periodontal disease, regular teeth cleaning is more important to prevent recurrence of infections.

  • Health Benefits of Teeth Cleaning
    • When you understand the dental cleaning process, you can see the health benefits easily. Physical examination of teeth and gums checks for existing cavities, weak enamel, and gingivitis or other gum issues. Mechanical cleaning with a scaler, rotating brush and gritty toothpaste, floss, or other tools removes plaque and tartar effectively. The overall goal of tooth wash is to get rid of the unhealthy plaque affecting teeth and gum health.

  • Appearance Benefits of Dental Cleaning
    • Although a healthy smile is important, you also care about its appearance. Dental cleaning can help whiten teeth and prevent issues with discolouration, cavities, and inflamed gums that simply look unattractive. While the effects of a deep cleaning last as long as you practice at-home hygiene, the real benefit comes later. When you keep regularly scheduled dental cleaning appointments, you will keep a healthy and attractive smile for years to come. The chance of discoloured, cracked, or lost teeth goes down a lot.

  • Your Concerns About Professional Cleanings
    • Most common concerns about professional teeth cleaning include cost, pain, and fear. Dental phobias are some of the most common, and very few people enjoy keeping their appointments. However, the health and appearance benefits should outweigh any nervousness. Many dental offices offer relaxation or even sedation possibilities. No long-term risks of regular dental cleaning exist in current scientific knowledge.

Some people may experience a bit of discomfort during the procedure. However, if you feel serious pain, inform your dentist or the cleaning therapist right away. The most common issues are due to sore gums that are already inflamed.

Tooth enamel is exceptionally hard and strong. The tools and techniques a professional dental team uses will not scrape it off or thin it in any way. However, teeth whitening, which is sometimes performed as part of the cleaning procedure, can have negative effects on the surface. These studies focus more on at-home kits, but it is important to understand the ingredients used by your dentist if you opt for in-office whitening.

Regular teeth cleaning or teeth washing done by a professional dental team offers multiple benefits for the health and appearance of your mouth. Reduce the chance of cavities, inflamed or irritated gums, gingivitis, and more serious dental issues down the road. When you know how minimal the risks are, you can overcome any anxiety that you away from your scheduled appointments.

A teeth cleaning can whiten your teeth temporarily by removing superficial stains, tartar and plaques on your teeth. However to achieve a longer lasting effect of whitening teeth, a professional teeth whitening is recommended. Often teeth cleaning prior to whitening is recommended to clean the stain, tartar and plaques on your teeth, so teeth whitening procedure can be more effective. Please refer to our teeth cleaning + teeth whitening dental offer for more details.

Deep Teeth Cleaning is a procedure that cleans the tartar/plaque underneath the gum.

Deep Teeth Cleaning is charged per tooth. It needs consultation first and OHT or dentist needs to do period chart to see which tooth is infected so they can quote accordingly. Removal of calculus costs about $85 per tooth depending on which tooth/gum is infected.