Emergency Dentist Sydney

When a dental emergency occurs it is often an unplanned situation or a dental accident. The tooth could be in a lot of pain due to dental trauma or a persisting toothache that has become unbearable. Other dental emergencies could be a chipped tooth, broken dentures, missing crown, bridge or veneers. Either way it is important to see the dentist as soon as possible to alleviate the pain and save the tooth. 

At Parramatta Dentistry we will do our best to fit you in on the same day, with multiple surgery locations within Sydney our friendly front desk can help you book at any of these locations. Depending on the severity of the situation, the emergency dentist Parramatta appointment slot may not be enough time to perform the actual treatment. In such instances antibiotics may be prescribed to reduce the pain and swelling for further treatment later on. 

Contact the emergency dentist in Parramatta, Parramatta Dentistry on 8090 1109 where our friendly receptionist will be able to help you book our next available emergency dental Parramatta  appointment. If we are closed please use our online booking system or leave us a message and we will get in contact with you as soon as possible. In the meantime if you can’t reach us, below is some tips and guideline of what to do for different types of dental emergencies

Tips and Guidelines To Follow During Dental Emergencies

Emergency Dentist SydneyFor unbearable toothache and pain you can go to your local pharmacy for over the counter medications such as Ibuprofen and Paracetamol to control the pain. Another method of assisting the pain and relieving some discomfort is to apply numbing gel or paste on the area. If you happen to become sick and experiencing swelling or a temperature, we advise you to attend to your closest emergency room immediately.

During this situation hold the tooth by the crown and not the root. Gently rinse the tooth with water to remove any debris but no not scrub or remove any attached tissue fragments. In some instances, the patient can gently insert the tooth back into the socket and hold it in position. This can potentially save the tooth. However if this is not possible, place the tooth in a cup of milk or wrap it up in wet tissue paper.

Clean the area by rinsing it with warm salt water and place a cold compress onto the cheek to control swelling. For a broken tooth, be careful of sharp edges that might cut the tongue and insides of your cheeks. If a patient is in pain take Ibuprofen or Paracetamol to assist with the pain.

For a possible broken jaw, quickly apply cold compress onto the area to reduce swelling and contact your local emergency department immediately.

Depending if the denture is chipped, fractured, or broken at the clasp. Do not try to glue the pieces together yourself. Gather all the loose pieces to your emergency dentist appointment where the dentist may be able to reattach it immediately or need to be sent off the dental laboratory for emergency denture repairs Parramatta. During this time do not place your broken denture back into your mouth due to the risk of choking hazard.