Tooth Extraction Parramatta



Why Do I Need To Have My Tooth Removed?


One of the most common dental procedures is teeth extraction. This is the removal of a tooth from the socket that’s connected to the bone. Whenever a tooth has been broken or decayed, the dentist will attempt to fix it using a filing, a crown, or any other treatment.

There are instances though when the teeth are irreparable. This is the time when the tooth has to be extracted. There are also instances when a loose tooth has to be extracted if it can’t be saved anymore even with the help of a bone replacement surgery or what is known as bone graft.

There are also other reasons for tooth extraction. This is done for those people who extra teeth that get in the way of others. It’s also done when baby teeth don’t fall out in time for the permanent ones to come in.

People who are about to get braces may also have some teeth extracted. This will create room for the teeth to be moved into their rightful places. Those people who may need to have radiation on the head and neck may need to have some teeth extracted within the radiation field.

People who have been receiving cancer drugs may also have infected teeth since this type of drugs can weaken the immune system. Teeth that have been infected should be extracted. Tooth Removal is done by our expert dentist in Parramatta

In the same way those teeth that have been infected after an organ transplant. People who undergo transplantation are susceptible to infections since they should take drugs that suppress and decrease the immune system.

Wisdom teeth or what are known as third molars have to be extracted before or after they appear. These teeth have to be removed when they’re decayed, cause pain, cause infection or have a cyst. It’s common for these teeth to be stuck at the jaw and not able to come in.

This may also irritate the gum and causing swelling and pain in the area. If that’s the case, the teeth have to be removed. If four wisdom teeth have to be removed, the procedure has to be done simultaneously.

It is also important for patients who are receiving IV drugs called bisphosphonates for a particular condition to see a dentist first. If any teeth have to be extracted, it should be done right before the start of the treatment.

Before extraction is performed, an oral surgeon would take an x-ray of the tooth to plan the best means of extracting the tooth. It’s also necessary to inform the dentist of all medicines you are currently taking along with your medical history.

A panoramic x-ray is required for wisdom teeth extraction. This enables you to see a picture of all the teeth all at once.

There are some dentists who prescribe taking antibiotics whether before or after the surgery. This solely depends on the dentists or the oral surgeon.

This will likely to be given when you’ll have a long surgery, when the immune system is weak, when an infection is present at the time of the procedure, or maybe because of specific medical conditions.




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