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The Importance of Teeth Cleaning

We are taught several ways to clean our teeth at home and how we can practice good oral hygiene to avoid dental problems such as tooth decay, bad breath, and eventual tooth extraction.

Home care such as tooth brushing two to three times a day, flossing after every meal, gargling with a mouthwash, and scraping the tongue are factors important to Preventive Dentistry. However, aside from these important measures, having your teeth professionally checked and cleaned should be done adjunct with home practices to maintain good oral health.

Professional teeth cleaning Parramatta should be done twice a year and every six months. This bi-annual visit allows your dentist to keep track of your oral health and scales and cleans your teeth.

Certain parts of the mouth cannot be reached by regular tooth brushing and when not cleaned, this can encourage plaque accumulation and bacterial growth leading to concerns such as tooth decay.

Teeth Cleaning SydneyAreas beneath your gum line will need to be thoroughly cleaned to prevent gum irritation. Also, for adults with erupting wisdom teeth, the back of the mouth is often hard to be reached and cleaned, causing tooth decay for the wisdom tooth Parramatta. To avoid this, a dental cleaning should be done.

Aside from a whole mouth clean, a visit to your dentist Sydney for teeth cleaning will also entail other procedures such as a comprehensive check-up and examination as well as patient education.

A dental examination would allow your dentist to check on other dental concerns that should be immediately addressed to prevent worsening. This includes the start of tooth decay, the presence of infections, fractured teeth and tooth fillings, bad oral habits, and oral cancer symptoms. 

From this, your best dentist Sydney will work on a treatment plan to systematically provide solutions to your dental problems. After all, treatment done as soon as possible is better than providing care when it is too late. As soon as these issues are resolved, you are guaranteed a better oral health.

And lastly, a trip to your dentist near Parramatta for teeth cleaning will allow for a check-up on your progress and your oral health to encourage you to maintain your mouth and your overall health.


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31 May, 2021

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