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When we talk about the maintenance of oral hygiene, patients often identify this as regular tooth brushing of at least twice to three times a day, flossing, gargling with a mouthwash, and tongue scraping. Such home care practices do encourage better oral health and will prevent the potential build-up of plaque that may bring about several problems such as tooth decay and bad breath.

However, aside from these oral health practices, it is also important that patients are aware that in adjunct to daily mouth care, professional teeth cleaning and check-up should also be done.

Role of Dental Cleaning

Teeth cleaning generally helps with providing a whole mouth clean. It involves removing plaque and calculus build-up which are where bacteria is located. This bacteria kick starts the progression of gum disease and tooth decay if they are not removed as soon as possible.

Aside from that, bad breath may also result as a complication due to neglect of a regular professional dental cleaning.

Dental cleaningFor a visit for dental cleaning, your dentist near Parramatta not only does professional teeth cleaning and scaling but also proceeds with a regular check-up to identify other problems and to validate the state of your mouth health as well as proper patient education so you can maintain good oral health even outside the dental clinic.

A treatment plan will also be discussed with you especially if there are other problems that you should be concerned about. This includes the presence of gum disease, tooth decay, and fractured tooth fillings.

If your dentist Sydney sees the need for it, X-rays will also be taken especially in the presence of extensive tooth decay so you are aware of its current state and the steps you may take for its treatment.

Also, your dentist will also be able to locate early signs of oral cancers and unhealthy oral habits. These are problems that will be better managed if you and your dentist are aware of them. The appropriate treatment will also be suggested to provide a solution to such problems.

Dental professionals recommend a twice a year, every 6-month visit to your dentist for professional teeth cleaning Sydney. Call us to know the dental cleaning cost or visit our clinic and let us assist you with maintaining a healthy mouth.


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04 Sep, 2020

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