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What is a Dental Crown?

Dental crown is a cap that goes on top of your natural tooth. It is to protect your tooth after a big restoration, root canal therapy or even a vertical split to prevent the tooth from further harm. After big dental treatment or dental trauma it is usually advised to get a tooth crown to protect and preserve the tooth. The dental crown acts as a helmet to shelter and redirect force especially on the molars that are used for chewing. There are different types of dental crown Parramatta available and depending on the position of the tooth and how much tooth structure is left. The different materials for the certain dental crown can vary.

Temporary Crowns

dental crown cost parramattaThere are also temporary crowns that are placed between crown appointments. It is important that the patient remember to come back to cement the permanent crown as the temporary material is not durable and is only there for aesthetic purposes.

Dental Crown Cost in Sydney

In Sydney, the usual dental crown price is around $1,900 – $2,500 per tooth depending on the type of crown that best suits your needs. This range is actually quite expensive compared to other dental practices which is why looking around for dental crown specials with excellent quality like Parramatta Dentistry is highly recommended.

Types of Dental Crowns at Parramatta Dentistry and Its Cost

  • Emax Crown – $1,650
    • Emax crown is made from lithium disilicate material which is also known as ceramic crown. The properties of this material is well known for its excellent strength and appealing aesthetic, making it one of the most used dental ceramic crowns in the industry. At Parramatta Dentistry we have the newest technology by using our CAD/CAM machine that enables us to produce these crowns in one visit. Our in-house Emax crown not only minimises your chair time with us but we are also able to enhance the aesthetic of the crown. Using skilled layering and staining we can match your crown to your adjacent teeth.

  • Zirconia Crown – $1,795
    • Another form of all ceramic crown is zirconia crown. Made out of a white powdered metal oxide material it has similar properties to titanium. Making zirconia crown extremely durable and strong an ideal dental candidate for the back molars where it can withstand most dental functions. Being such a strong material the crown can be produced thinner than most crowns, meaning less preparation on the tooth. However due to the strength provided in zirconia crowns a compromise of aesthetic property is made. The translucency is not as adequate and provides a more darker undertone.

  • Porcelain Fused Metal Crown – $1,795
    • A strong but not as aesthetically durably crown is the porcelain fused metal crown. It combines the porcelain material which gets layered on top of a metal coping to achieve the same tooth shade and anatomy. Porcelain fused metal crowns have slowly declined in preferences amongst dentists in Australia as new cutting edge technology on ceramic material crown is replacing the market with the same strength and better aesthetic qualities. One of the biggest drawbacks is the porcelain material that is fused on top tends to chip and crack over the course of time. This allows the metal coping to appear and makes the crown less aesthetic pleasing. Also the fused materials of porcelain and metal, makes the crown thicker and bulkier which in terms means more tooth structure is compromised to accommodate the thickness.

  • Gold Crown
    • The tooth crown cost for a gold crown varies and is influenced by the weight of the crown. Gold alloy is an extremely good material for dental crowns as it is strong and adaptable. This makes the crown tremendously resilient yet it has the component that erodes to a similar rate as a tooth. The only downfall for gold crown is the aesthetic where it does not resemble any shade of teeth. However it is still a popular choice for patients and dentists due to its impressive qualities.



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