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Every night as you prepare to sleep, the last thing that will be on your mind is your teeth. Our sleep can have an impact on our oral health.  Not getting enough sleep could lead to a myriad of health problems. There could be different reasons for the lack of sleep. You might be grinding your teeth at night while you sleep. This could lead to serious dental problems and you should be looking for a dentist Parramatta to come up with a solution for the issue.

Dry Mouth

Sleeping with dry mouth can have a couple of consequences. The body’s production of saliva naturally reduces when we’re asleep. Saliva plays a crucial role in the chewing and digestion of food. It also neutralizes the acidity levels in the mouth to prevent erosion of the teeth. When you breathe through the mouth instead of the nose, you will make the teeth and gums dry. This will, in turn, lead to the shrinking of the mouth tissues which encourages the growth of bacteria. This is not only uncomfortable but it could lead to bad breath as well.

Brushing your teeth before going to bed is important but doesn’t always have to be exactly before you turn in. There are some kinds of toothpaste that are known to dry the mouth and you should consult with your dentist on the appropriate ones to use.

Dental Hygiene

It is recommended that you brush twice a day. Brushing and flossing before you go to sleep is crucial as you’d want to get rid of the plaque and bacteria in the mouth. Flossing, in particular, will help get rid of plaque and germs in those hard to reach areas. Don’t forget to also clean the tongue as it could be harboring serious bacteria which will come alive while you’re asleep. It might not be a bad idea to invest in an electric toothbrush which will ensure that the teeth are being cleaned the right way.

Teeth Grinding

This usually happens when one is asleep and it is something that happens unconsciously.  The grinding will cause premature wear to the teeth and it isn’t something that you’re likely to notice immediately. It will also result in damage to the enamel coating. There are some researchers who believe that teeth grinding comes about as a human reflex designed to increase the airflow the mouth by moving the jaw forward.


The most common solution for teeth grinding is wearing a mouthguard when you’re going to sleep. You should consult with your dentist to ensure that you’re getting the right mouthguard that guarantees comfort so that you don’t feel like you’re being trapped when sleeping.

To sum it up, having a good night’s sleep is crucial for your dental health. If you suspect that you might be grinding your teeth while asleep, it is imperative that you see a dentist immediately. The condition might have led to other complications and you shouldn’t be waiting for the next appointment in order to see a dentist. For more information on dental issues, you can check out

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