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Dental services in Sydney can be expensive, especially if you require major work or cosmetic dentistry. Without medicare subsidy for any dental services, a lot of people are digging into their pockets and saving to obtain good oral hygiene.

At Parramatta Dentistry we believe in affordable and cheap dental services Parramatta for everyone without sacrificing quality. We have invested in the latest dental technology to provide immediate services to our patients.

From our digital x-rays that enable 3D viewing to our CEREC machines that allow us to do same day laboratory crowns. So if you are looking for a cheap dentist near me or affordable dentist Sydney, at Parramatta Dentistry we offer a range of affordable cosmetic dentistry options and general dental services in Parramatta.

Routine Scale and Clean

To maintain good oral hygiene and to detect early signs of decay or other issues. Patients are advised to come in every 6 months for a routine check up and clean.

At Parramatta Dentistry we offer no gap scale and clean with our oral health therapist. This means if you have private health insurance with dental extras you can claim up to 2 routine check up and cleans per year.

As long as there are still dental benefits in your private health insurances, there will be no out of pocket fee for you. Don’t worry if you don’t have private health insurance, our affordable price for routine check up and clean is only $199.

Cheap Dentist Sydney

Dental Crowns

With the latest dental equipment, technology and material available at Parramatta Dentistry, we are able to provide affordable dental crown treatments for our patients.

Our same day crown starts at $1650, where our CEREC machine can issue quality laboratory crowns on the spot. This means cutting out the cost of the middleman and offering patients more affordable dental treatments.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are one of our most requested cosmetic dental treatments. Our cheap composite dental veneers start at $695 per tooth and porcelain dental veneers at $1,800 per tooth.

To provide patients more value for money, at Parramatta Dentistry we offer porcelain veneer packages. Our smile makeover package at $8,400, you get 6 porcelain veneers making the price to $1,400 per tooth.

Also remembering dental veneer is considered major dental and if you have major dental extras with your private health insurance you can claim some amount back. Please speak to our friendly front desk to help you make a consultation appointment with our dentists.

Teeth Whitening

A quick and non-invasive cosmetic dental treatment is teeth whitening. Here at Parramatta Dentistry as a cheap dentist Sydney, we also have teeth whitening bundles, where all your teeth whitening needs is included for before and aftercare of the procedure.

Our reasonable in-chair whitening price is $449. After the whitening treatment, a take home whitening kit will be issued to assist with self maintenance and extend the duration of the teeth whitening procedure which will only be an additional of $100. Otherwise, $349 for a take home teeth whitening kit alone.


Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentist Sydney

Being one of the many dental surgeries in Sydney, at Parramatta Dentistry we pride ourselves as one of the best cosmetic dentist Sydney. Our Parramatta cosmetic dentistry services range from simple teeth whitening procedure to extensive dental veneer treatment. At Parramatta Dentistry our aim is to improve one’s confidence by giving them the best smile possible. There are different options on improving one’s smile, either if it’s repairing one chipped tooth or having a smile makeover. Our experience and professional dentists will do their best to cater to all your needs. Below are some cosmetic dental services we provide to help achieve a whiter, straighter and confident smile.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a simple and non-invasive treatment to achieve whiter and brighter teeth. There are two types of teeth whitening methods, take home whitening and in-chair whitening. Take home whitening can be done in the comfort of your own home over the period of 2 weeks. While in-chair whitening is done in one visit with immediate reason.


To achieve straight teeth without being noticed. Invisalign is a clear braces system using clean aligners to straighten your teeth. Unlike traditional metal braces, it is partially invisible and is perfect for individuals who want to straighten their teeth discreetly.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are a thin shell layer that goes on top of the front surfaces of the teeth. The veneers are made to change the size, shape and shade of the patient’s teeth resulting in a complete smile makeover. There are two different types of veneers, composite veneer and porcelain veneer. Both styles of veneers are able to cover imperfections of the teeth such as discolouration, odd tooth structure, gappy or crooked teeth. Due to these reasons they are considered to be more extensive and expensive compared to other cosmetic dental services. 

Dental Crowns

Cosmetic Dentist SydneyDental crowns are a cap that covers the whole tooth. In a way it acts as a helmet for the tooth where major treatment such as tooth huge restoration or root canal treatment is required. Colour matching and staining one tooth requires a keen eye in detail. Our cosmetic dentists at Parramatta Dentistry are meticulous in their work to achieve the perfect tooth anatomy and the shade.

Dental Bridge

Dental Bridge fills in the empty space of a missing tooth and uses a joint system of multiple crowns. The two outer edges of the bridge are like crowns that can cap onto the tooth, while the middle part that is flushed is called the pontic. You can have 1 or 2 pontics depending on how many teeth you’re missing and how healthy the neighbouring teeth are to support the bridge. Like crowns, dental bridges also need to look unified in a patient’s mouth and require a fine eye to detail.

Contouring and Reshaping

Contouring and reshaping are another simple cosmetic dental procedure available in cosmetic dentistry Parramatta to fix minor tooth structures such as chipped, crooked or irregular shaped teeth. This treatment is usually performed to correct the length, size, shape or position of the tooth, where sometimes it can also help correct bite issues.

To discuss and see which cosmetic dental services are required to help achieve your best smile, please contact our cosmetic dentist office at Parramatta Dentistry where our professional and experienced dentist is able to give you all your options.


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Cosmetic Dentistry

Porcelain Veneers Sydney

What are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are wafer thin ceramic shelled material that is fitted on the front surface of the teeth. They are designed to improve the overall aesthetic of a person’s smile by fixing crooked, gappy, discoloured or chipped teeth. Porcelain veneer material is strong and durable with high resistance to fracture and stains. Due to these reasons with a longer lifespan compared to composite veneers, porcelain veneers Sydney are highly desired amongst patients. They do require more preparation work on the tooth surface, but can achieve a whiter and brighter that composite veneer is unable to.

Types of Material For Porcelain Veneers

At Parramatta Dentistry we use four main types of dental ceramic material for porcelain veneers. They are Feldspathic ceramic which is the conventional porcelain veneer material. Lava Ultimate, a resin-nano ceramic. Emax which is our most popular veneer ceramic with the best track record and Zirconia that is best for covering up the dark underlying tooth. All four porcelain veneer materials at Parramatta have their own unique qualities and properties where it serves its purpose according to the individual’s concerns. It is ideal to get a consultation appointment with one of our experienced dentists at Parramatta Dentistry to help discuss what material is suitable for your case.

How Long Will It Take To Install Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain Veneers SydneyAs porcelain veneer is an indirect treatment, meaning the veneer is made outside of the patient’s mouth. The treatment requires 2 visits within 1-2 week apart for the permanent veneers to be cemented on. During that time temporary veneers will be issued for aesthetic purposes and it is designed to flick off very easily. It is recommended to cut your food into small bite sizes and eat with your back molars instead of biting.

Cost of Porcelain Veneers in Sydney

Most dental practices around Sydney offer porcelain veneers at an average of $2,000 which is quite expensive.

Porcelain Veneers Cost at Parramatta Dentistry

At Parramatta Dentistry, no matter which four ceramic veneer material is suitable for you, the price for our porcelain veneer is $1,800 per tooth. If you wish to get a smile makeover of getting 6 or more porcelain veneers, we do have a package of $1,400 per tooth. Our dental veneers cost Parramatta is quite affordable as compared to other dental practices and done by our expert as well. During the consultation at Parramatta Dentistry the dentist will be able to check your smile line to confirm how many porcelain veneer teeth you need for the smile makeover.

Caring for Porcelain Veneer

To ensure your porcelain veneers longevity and to extend the life of your veneers, it is important to maintain good oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing twice a day with a 6 monthly routine check up is the main course of action to provide a good foundation for your porcelain veneers Parramatta. At Parramatta Dentistry we offer a 5 years conditional warranty for our porcelain veneers cases. To ensure that the warranty is valid our patients must receive 2 routine examinations and clean per year at our practices. This not only allows us to remove plaque build up but allows our clinician to pick up on any abnormalities or early signs of decay. If you have private health insurance you may get a no gap routine check up and clean with our oral health therapist. This means no out of pocket fee for you while providing the best care for your teeth.


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Cosmetic Dentistry

Composite Veneers Sydney

What are Composite Veneers?

Composite veneer is part of cosmetic dentistry, where the dentist uses the malleable composite material to build and change the aesthetics of the patient’s teeth. Using composite veneer the dentist is able to improve the patient’s smile by changing the appearance of the tooth. The shape, shade and size of the tooth can be redesigned to a whiter, brighter and straighter smile.

How Long Do Composite Veneers Take To Be Installed?

Composite veneer is considered a direct veneer treatment, which means it can be completed within one visit. At Parramatta Dentistry we strongly recommend patients to come in for a consultation to discuss the composite veneer treatment and to see if composite veneer is suitable for your case. Patients that have crowded teeth, cross bite or missing teeth may not be suitable for composite veneer. For these cases the patient might need other dental treatment to fix these problems prior to starting.

Few Facts About Composite Veneers

Composite Veneers SydneyComposite veneers in Sydney need minimal preparation work on the tooth, so it is perfect for a patient who has slightly crooked or gappy teeth. The composite material is translucent and buildable making the veneers to look very natural and realistic. The strength and wear resistance has been greatly improved, unfortunately it still can’t compete with porcelain veneers Parramatta. Due to the nature of allowing the veneers to bond properly to the tooth. The procedure of preparing the tooth does require minimal work to the tooth structure and once the treatment has started it can not be reversed.

Price of Composite Veneers in Sydney

Composite veneers in Sydney usually range from $650 – $1,000 per tooth.

Composite Veneer Cost at Parramatta Dentistry

The price for composite veneers at Parramatta Dentistry is $595 per tooth. We also provide payment plan options for patients with zip pay. To see if you’re eligible for zip pay please speak to our friendly front desk receptionist after your consultation appointment. They will be able to help you go through the steps online or on your mobile.

Caring for Composite Veneers

Whether you have improved your smile with one tooth or a set of teeth with composite veneers, caring for your composite veneers is simple. Just as your normal teeth, it is important to maintain good oral hygiene. This means brushing and flossing twice daily to help remove plaque build up and decay, which in terms extend the longevity of composite veneers. Gentle brushing is also encouraged instead of brushing aggressively, as it can lead to gum recession. Once the gum starts to recede the seam between the veneer and tooth becomes visible and further treatment is required to cover this junction. Also avoiding any food that can chip or crack your teeth can also damage your composite veneer. Make sure your hard food is cut into small bite sizes instead of directly biting into them. To help maintain good oral hygiene please visit us at Parramatta Dentistry every 6 months for your routine check up and clean. Our dentist or oral health therapist will be able to do a thorough teeth cleaning while checking that they are secure and see if there are any visible signs of vulnerability.


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Restorative Dentistry

Dental Crown Cost Parramatta

What is a Dental Crown?

Dental crown is a cap that goes on top of your natural tooth. It is to protect your tooth after a big restoration, root canal therapy or even a vertical split to prevent the tooth from further harm. After big dental treatment or dental trauma it is usually advised to get a tooth crown to protect and preserve the tooth. The dental crown acts as a helmet to shelter and redirect force especially on the molars that are used for chewing. There are different types of dental crown Parramatta available and depending on the position of the tooth and how much tooth structure is left. The different materials for the certain dental crown can vary.

Temporary Crowns

dental crown cost parramattaThere are also temporary crowns that are placed between crown appointments. It is important that the patient remember to come back to cement the permanent crown as the temporary material is not durable and is only there for aesthetic purposes.

Dental Crown Cost in Sydney

In Sydney, the usual dental crown price is around $1,900 – $2,500 per tooth depending on the type of crown that best suits your needs. This range is actually quite expensive compared to other dental practices which is why looking around for dental crown specials with excellent quality like Parramatta Dentistry is highly recommended.

Types of Dental Crowns at Parramatta Dentistry and Its Cost

  • Emax Crown – $1,650
    • Emax crown is made from lithium disilicate material which is also known as ceramic crown. The properties of this material is well known for its excellent strength and appealing aesthetic, making it one of the most used dental ceramic crowns in the industry. At Parramatta Dentistry we have the newest technology by using our CAD/CAM machine that enables us to produce these crowns in one visit. Our in-house Emax crown not only minimises your chair time with us but we are also able to enhance the aesthetic of the crown. Using skilled layering and staining we can match your crown to your adjacent teeth.

  • Zirconia Crown – $1,795
    • Another form of all ceramic crown is zirconia crown. Made out of a white powdered metal oxide material it has similar properties to titanium. Making zirconia crown extremely durable and strong an ideal dental candidate for the back molars where it can withstand most dental functions. Being such a strong material the crown can be produced thinner than most crowns, meaning less preparation on the tooth. However due to the strength provided in zirconia crowns a compromise of aesthetic property is made. The translucency is not as adequate and provides a more darker undertone.

  • Porcelain Fused Metal Crown – $1,795
    • A strong but not as aesthetically durably crown is the porcelain fused metal crown. It combines the porcelain material which gets layered on top of a metal coping to achieve the same tooth shade and anatomy. Porcelain fused metal crowns have slowly declined in preferences amongst dentists in Australia as new cutting edge technology on ceramic material crown is replacing the market with the same strength and better aesthetic qualities. One of the biggest drawbacks is the porcelain material that is fused on top tends to chip and crack over the course of time. This allows the metal coping to appear and makes the crown less aesthetic pleasing. Also the fused materials of porcelain and metal, makes the crown thicker and bulkier which in terms means more tooth structure is compromised to accommodate the thickness.

  • Gold Crown
    • The tooth crown cost for a gold crown varies and is influenced by the weight of the crown. Gold alloy is an extremely good material for dental crowns as it is strong and adaptable. This makes the crown tremendously resilient yet it has the component that erodes to a similar rate as a tooth. The only downfall for gold crown is the aesthetic where it does not resemble any shade of teeth. However it is still a popular choice for patients and dentists due to its impressive qualities.



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Best Parramatta Orthodontist

What is an Orthodontic Treatment?

At Parramatta Dentistry we offer the best orthodontic treatment to patients for all ages. Orthodontic treatment is to fix crooked and malpositioned teeth but it can also help correct other dental issues. Problems such as overbite, underbite, crossbite, open bite, crowding or spaces between the teeth. Using orthodontics Parramatta  treatments such as braces or Invisalign appliances it is able to correct the dental issues in the most convenient and effective way. The best time to start Parramatta orthodontic treatment is between the age 10 to 14, however it is never too late to get adult braces in Parramatta if you desire to get straight teeth. Especially with new systems such as Invisalign braces and ceramic braces it is unnoticeable that you have them on.

The Difference Between Braces and Invisalign Sydney

best orthodontist parramattaTraditional braces which are known for their metal bracket appearance is the most conventional and fastest appliance to help straighten your teeth. Using the force of metal wires that get changed every 4-6 weeks, it helps move the teeth into the desirable position. The wire gets attached to the metal brackets on each tooth which allows the teeth to gently shift into place. For more aesthetically pleasing braces, at Parramatta Dentistry we are able to provide ceramic brackets that are at a similar colour to your teeth to provide a less pronounced braces appearance.

While on the other hand for a more invisible look, Invisalign is able to provide orthodontic treatments without people noticing. The use of clear aligners that are changed every 1-2 weeks slowly shifts the teeth into place. As mentioned before the only difference for Invisalign Parramatta is that it takes more time than the conventional metal braces. Each aligner is slightly different to assist the teeth to move into position and require patients to be diligent to wear them for at least 20-22 hours a day.

Both methods will achieve the same result, however depending on each individual and the complexity of the case. The Parramatta othodontist will offer his opinion on which orthodontic system to proceed with, hence it is important to get a consultation appointment with Parramatta Dentistry to discuss your options.

Price of Orthodontic Treatment Around Sydney

In Sydney, most dental practices offer Invisalign cost around $7,000 – $9,000. As for traditional metal braces, it ranges from $8,000 – $15,000 depending on how complex the situation of your teeth is.

Affordable Orthodontic Treatment Cost at Parramatta Dentistry

The braces cost at Parramatta Dentistry starts at $4,500 for traditional metal braces. The cost for ceramic braces in Sydney is a little dearer and depending on the complexity and length of time involved, the price can vary.

As for Invisalign cost at Parramatta Dentistry, we have 4 different package prices. Express Package at $4100, Lite Package at $6490, Moderate Package $7290 and Comprehensive Package at $7490. The orthodontist in Parramatta will need to do a full examination to determine which Invisalign package the patient has fallen under.

For a full examination to see which teeth straightening Parramatta or orthodontic treatment is suitable for you, please call our Parramatta practice on (02) 8090 1109. Consultation fee with our orthodontist Parramatta is $65, x-rays and OPG is additional cost on top. If you have private health insurance please bring it along on the day so we can help you claim on the spot. Otherwise we can print out the invoice for you to log in the claim through your private health insurance.


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Restorative Dentistry

Tooth Implant Cost

The dental implant procedure is endeared by many with the huge amount of options and flexibility they provide to their wearers. People are able to hide it as they look like a regular tooth.

There is also the option to have dental implants replaced and removed which offers a great measure of relief to many. This in turn resulted to dental implants growing in popularity receiving its fair share of the spotlight over the years.

Dental Implant Cost in Sydney

Dental implants are considered to be a bit more on the expensive side of things. Around Sydney, a tooth implant could cost about $4,000 – $6,000 per tooth. It is expected to be this expensive as this procedure involves surgery. Another thing to note is that the cost of dental implant gets much higher if more than one or a full set is needed.

How much does dental implant cost in Parramatta Dentistry?We are the best dentistry in Parramatta.

Tooth implant cost at Parramatta Dentistry is $5,199 each with payment plan already. This implant in Parramatta however, includes the surgery for placement of an implant, all the components, as well as the implant crown which all amounts to a complete package.

Saving Money with Dental Implants

A number of patients were able to save a fair amount of money with their dental implants. First off, you may want to check with your insurance provider to see if dental implants in Parramatta are covered.

You can also do a comparison shopping getting quotes from several dentists to see which price is best suited for your budget. Location is also a known factor that can affect the cost of dental implants so make sure to consider a larger geographic area.



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Teeth Whitening Sydney

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

To achieve beautiful white teeth, teeth whitening Parramatta is the safest, affordable and non invasive option to attain this result. Teeth whitening Parramatta uses a whitening gel that contains active hydrogen peroxide ingredient to bleach the enamel, the outer surface of the teeth. Once the whitening gel is applied onto the teeth a reaction from the whitening agent will occur. The oxygen molecule from the whitening gel will start to break down the bond between the discoloured molecules from the teeth. This reaction ultimately results in the process of achieving brighter and whiter teeth.

Which Stains Work Well With Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening in Sydney works well on extrinsic stains which are stains that occur on the surface of the teeth. Intrinsic stains that appear on the micro cracks of the enamel and in the dentin, the layer underneath the enamel has a lower possibility. Hence it is always recommended to get a consultation with a dentist to see if your teeth are suitable for teeth whitening. There are also two types of teeth whitening available at Parramatta Dentistry, in-chair and take-home. The dentist will be able to discuss which option is best suited for you.

In-Chair Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening sydneyFor instant result, in-chair whitening is the best teeth whitening in Sydney for immediate whiter and brighter teeth. The appointment for in-chair teeth whitening will take up to 60 minutes. The dental clinician will apply a barrier on your gums, this is to protect the whitening agent from burning the soft tissues. After applying the barrier, they will proceed with the whitening gel and blue light to active the whitening process.

Teeth Whitening at Parramatta Dentistry

At Parramatta Dentistry we decide to use SDI Polaoffice+ instead of other system such as Zoom teeth whitening or laser teeth whitening as it has proven to be long lasting, effective and affordable. Allowing us to provide the best in-chair teeth whitening treatment at a low cost of $449. If you have private health insurance you can also check if they can provide you with any rebate with the item number 118 x 12.

Take Home Teeth Whitening

For people who like to whiten their teeth in the comfort of their own home and they have more sensitive teeth, take home whitening is the best option for you. The whitening agent for take home whitening is less concentrated and is perfect for patients who have hypersensitive teeth that would like to self monitor their whitening progress at home. At Parramatta Dentistry the dentist will issue you a custom made whitening trays with safety instructions on techniques and methods to apply it on yourself. For take home whitening the patient must be diligent and wear the whitening trays for at least 30 minutes each day for over the period of 2 weeks to see results. Our patients also take advantage of our in-chair and take home teeth whitening package to help maintain and maximise the whole teeth whitening procedure. To check if you are eligible for any rebate from your private health insurance the item number for take home teeth whitening is 119 x 2 and 927 x 1.



Restorative Dentistry

Root Canal Cost Sydney

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is an endodontic treatment to clean and cure the inflamed or infected pulp from inside the tooth. The pulp is the soft tissue of the tooth that contains nerves and blood vessels that provides oxygen and nutrients to the tooth. If the pulp becomes infected due to dental trauma, decay or other reasons the patient will experience severe pain and needs to be addressed quickly. Once the pulp has been infected the whole tooth needs to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, otherwise it can cause abscess on the tip of the tooth’s root. In order to save the tooth, a root canal therapy Parramatta needs to be performed.

Root Canal Therapy Procedure

Depending on the condition of the tooth and the patient’s comfort level, a root canal treatment Parramatta can be done in one to three sessions. The root canal procedure is the same no matter how many sessions it may take.

root canal cost sydneyThe first part for the root canal therapy procedure after local anaesthetic is located into the area to numb the tooth, is to drill a small hole to open the tooth to the pulp chamber. The dentist will then use endodontic tools and file to remove the decay and dead pulp. X-rays will be taken to measure the length of the canal and make sure it is properly cleaned. Medicated paste is applied to help disinfect the area and sealed off with a temporary filling.

The second part of the procedure is usually a week apart and generally the patient’s tooth should not feel any pain or discomfort. Using the same opening, the dentist will continue removing the pulp from the canal and using a strong disinfectant to flush out any infection. X-rays are to be taken again to ensure that nerves of the roots are properly removed. If the patient is not experiencing any pain or discomfort the dentist can start on the next procedure. However if there is any soreness, the dentist will re-medicate the tooth and ask to come back a week later to start the next step.

The third part of root canal therapy is to fill and seal the tooth with gutta percha, which is a rubber like material to prevent bacteria from re-entering the tooth. X-rays are used to help measure the length of the root so that the gutta percha will fit snugly in the root canals. The opening will then be restored with a permanent filling to ensure that the tooth can function as a normal tooth again. Usually during this appointment if the patient needs a dental crown for added protection and support, it can also be done in the same appointment. Otherwise it can be rebooked for another appointment in the future. A crown is not part of a root canal Parramatta and it is a separate treatment altogether.

Root Canal Cost in Sydney

The average root canal treatment cost or endodontic treatment in Sydney ranges from $990 to $1,600. It is quite expensive so looking for a dental practice that offers affordable rate yet of excellent quality treatment is recommended.

How Much Does a Root Canal Cost at Parramatta Dentistry?

At Parramatta Dentistry we aim to provide affordable and cheap root canal treatment and endodontic therapy where our root canal cost Parramatta start from $800 to $1,500. It is advised to book a consultation appointment with our dentist at Parramatta Dentistry to give you a detailed treatment plan with all the root canal prices. If you have major dental extras as part of your private health insurance plan you will be eligible to claim some benefit back. Take the treatment plan to your private health insurance to see the exact amount you are eligible for.


Invisalign Cost

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is basically clear braces which is perfect for patients who want to straighten their teeth while being discrete instead of using traditional wire metal braces to straighten someone’s teeth. Invisalign Sydney uses clear plastic aligners to move and shift the teeth into the desirable position. The clear aligners are made out of thermoplastic material that is uniquely developed for the brand Invisalign. It is strong, effective, comfortable and virtually invisible making it an ideal candidate for all ages.

How much is Invisalign in Sydney?

The average Invisalign cost in Sydney ranges from $7,000 to $9,000 with minor cases starting at $4,800.

Invisalign Price at Parramatta Dentistry

Invisalign cost in ParramattaAt Parramatta Dentistry, our Invisalign price is affordable and lower than the average cost of Invisalign in Australia. The Invisalign cost Sydney we charge is separated into 4 packages which is calculated on the amount of aligners required for each individual’s case.

For our Express Package which allows up to 7 aligners, it will cost $4,300. The next package at $6,690 is our Lite Package which allows up to 14 Invisalign aligners and 2 sets of refinement aligners for 2 years. The most common package that most patients fall under is the Moderate Package at $7,590. This includes 24 clear aligners and unlimited refinements for up to 2 years. Lastly our Comprehensive Package at $7,790 that has unlimited Invisiline aligners and refinements for up to 5 years.

The Break Down of Invisalign Payments For Each Appointment

At Parramatta Dentistry we want to be as transparent as possible, so we have listed down the Invisalign cost Parramatta involved for each appointment.

  • First Appointment: Consultation appointment $100

    The consultation appointment will cost $100 and if you have private health insurance you may be entitled to get some rebate back. This appointment will determine if your case is suitable for Invisalign braces and which package is available for you. The dentist will print out the treatment plan that will include the work up fee ($500), Invisalign package cost ($4,300-$7,790) and the retainer price ($300).

  • Second Appointment: Work Up $500

    At this appointment the dentist will gather all your dental information for your Invisalign treatment. This will include x-rays, mock up and impression of your teeth. This work up fee of $500 is non-refundable if the patient decided not to proceed with the treatment. Once again if you have private health insurance you may be able to receive some rebate back. So please bring your private health insurance card with you on the day.

  • Third Appointment: Review Clincheck $3,000

    The Clincheck appointment is to review the result of your Invisalign treatment on a 3D display program. This will show you the progressive outcome throughout the whole treatment. If the patient is happy with the result and would like to proceed a $3,000 deposit is to be taken at this appointment. Please bring your private health insurance card with you if you have orthodontic extra with them to claim the allocated amount off the private health insurance. If however the patient does not wish to proceed with the treatment this appointment will be free.

  • Fourth and Ongoing Appointments: Instalments $500

    The fourth and ongoing appointments are usually between 4 to 6 weeks apart where the dentist will issue you more trays. During this appointment the dentist will also check on the progress of the Invisalign treatment making sure it is on track. If there are any teeth that are straggling behind, refinement trays are able to be fabricated to keep the treatment on course. At each of these appointments a $500 payment is required until your treatment is paid off.

  • Last Appointment: Retainers ($300)

    After your Invisalign treatment is complete, we strongly recommend you to get retainers to keep your teeth in place. Retainer is to be worn at night while you sleep and helps prevent your teeth shifting. The price for our retainer is $300 for a set of 3 and this is the cost price from the Invisalign Parramatta supplier with no additional fee on top.

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