Restorative Dentistry

Crown Parramatta

Crown ParramattaIf you recently had your tooth fractured, maybe had that long-standing, deep cavity finally removed, or a root canal treatment, then you probably would need to have a dental crown procedure done after.

Dental Crowns are basically caps or helmets placed over the remaining tooth structure to help preserve and save the tooth, eliminating the need for tooth extraction.

As conscious dentists, saving the natural tooth is always the priority so dental crowns Parramatta are made to protect whatever is left of the tooth.

This receives the forces applied onto the tooth during dental functions such as chewing and biting so the tooth does not fracture.

There are several materials nowadays for dental crown Parramatta and each has its own suitability depending on several factors. Types of tooth crowns include Porcelain Fused to Metal, Emax, Zirconia, and Gold Alloy Crowns.

To give you an idea, here are the factors that you and your dentist Sydney should consider as you choose the tooth crown for you.

Location of the Tooth in the Mouth

Each tooth has a different function depending on when it is located in the mouth. Front teeth are made to be the most aesthetically pleasing as they are seen when you smile.

It is also made for biting food. Meanwhile, back teeth like molars are for chewing food so they need to be the strongest teeth.

By this logic, ceramic crowns are most suitable for front teeth and the stronger and more durable gold and porcelain fused to metal crowns are the best choices for molars.

Amount of Tooth Reduction

Certain types of crowns require more tooth shaving to allow the tooth to receive the bulk of the material such as the porcelain fused to metal crowns.

However, if you want to preserve more of the tooth structure especially if there is no substantial damage to it, opt for Zirconia crowns as this material can be made thinly, so no excessive tooth structure will have to be shaved off.

Patient’s Oral Hygiene

Dental crown Parramatta can be difficult to maintain especially because the tooth inside of the crown can decay if proper oral hygiene is not committed to. Therefore, to ensure the longevity of whatever dental crown you choose, you must pay regular visits to your Parramatta dentist so they can check the condition of the crown.

Otherwise, consider an adjustment to better oral hygiene practices first before committing to dental crowns.

Patient’s Expectations and Budget

With the array of dental crown selections at Parramatta Dentistry, you will be able to find which is best for you and your budget. Our dentists will also help you with understanding your goals and delivering what you expect out of the treatment.

Also, you may find our tooth crown cost to be competitive and one of the most affordable for dental crown Parramatta.

General Dentistry

Best Dentist Near Me

Best Dentist Near MeWith the vast number of dental clinics around Sydney, it is important that you gauge and properly select these clinics so you are sure that you visit the best dentist Sydney. When you go online and search for these clinics, multiple answers and sites will be provided for you. But how do you know that they are the best Sydney dentist for you?

Tips in Finding the “Best Dentist Near Me”

There are several factors that you should consider when you are looking for a dentist in Parramatta and for your convenience, we have compiled a shortlist on how to find the best Parramatta dentist:

1. Convenience

This is of importance especially for those with tight schedules and can only secure dental visits at specific times. “Dentist near me” would offer the best convenience as there is ease with visits without the need for a longer travel time.

Also, emergency dental problems such as a chipped tooth due to a fall are easily managed if your dental clinic is near you.

2. Wide Variety of Service

Certain dental clinics offer specialised dental care and this is what you want to check in a dental clinic. Having an orthodontist Parramatta and a good cosmetic dentist Sydney under one roof can save you the time and the effort as opposed to having to check for two dental clinics for both services.

3. Good value for Money

You should also be on the lookout for reasonably priced dental services especially if you are tight on budget but have a series of dental work to be done. You may find that some clinics offer packages to help with patient’s expenses.

Also, dental clinics with priority to practicing compassionate dentistry often accept health insurances which can help with lessening or even completely covering your dental needs.

4. Referral Friendly

The best dentist Parramatta would have several referrals with their name. You should check for satisfied or unsatisfied patients if there are any as these are a good basis for the kind of dentistry that the clinic offers.



Dental Emergency

Emergency Dental Care

Emergency Dental Care: What To Do and Not To Do

In the presence of an emergency situation, you should be able to have this essential list in your mind so you know what to do and what not to do. These are important things to remember so that when you reach the emergency dental Parramatta, you have performed good first aid measures to ensure that desired results can be obtained after professional treatment.

Ultimately, here is what should be on your Not To Do List:


Emergency Dental CareWe understand that some dental emergency cases can be quite overwhelming but panicking will not solve anything. Rather, it clouds your judgment on what should be appropriately done.

If you let yourself panic, you make the situation worse. In cases that require a quick response, time is essential, and when you let nervousness take over you, you hinder yourself from applying first aid measures.

And generally, here are what should be on your To Do List:

Remain Calm

Identify the situation and remain relaxed. This allows you to think properly about what should be done during emergency dental care. If you are the patient, keeping your calm helps you control the situation and maintain steady breathing until you reach the emergency dentist Sydney.

Perform First Aid

Knowing first aid treatment is always a good piece of information to keep at hand. Applying the right treatment before you get to your emergency dentist in Parramatta helps with achieving good results after the professional emergency dentist has done treatment.

It is also best to know what not to do during first aid as some unnecessary actions may worsen the situation.

Call Emergency Dentist

Lastly, set an appointment with your Parramatta emergency dentist as soon as possible. You need not worry as emergency dentists are trained to prioritise patients especially when the situation calls for it.

When the unfortunate incident happens after hours, the after hours emergency dentist or facilities are ready to give treatment. You can also call your private emergency dentist Parramatta for their advice.

Understanding the emergency situation, they would often give you their time to give emergency dental services even beyond usual clinic hours.


Parramatta Dentist

General Dentistry

Dental Cleaning

When we talk about the maintenance of oral hygiene, patients often identify this as regular tooth brushing of at least twice to three times a day, flossing, gargling with a mouthwash, and tongue scraping. Such home care practices do encourage better oral health and will prevent the potential build-up of plaque that may bring about several problems such as tooth decay and bad breath.

However, aside from these oral health practices, it is also important that patients are aware that in adjunct to daily mouth care, professional teeth cleaning and check-up should also be done.

Role of Dental Cleaning

Teeth cleaning generally helps with providing a whole mouth clean. It involves removing plaque and calculus build-up which are where bacteria is located. This bacteria kick starts the progression of gum disease and tooth decay if they are not removed as soon as possible.

Aside from that, bad breath may also result as a complication due to neglect of a regular professional dental cleaning.

Dental cleaningFor a visit for dental cleaning, your dentist near Parramatta not only does professional teeth cleaning and scaling but also proceeds with a regular check-up to identify other problems and to validate the state of your mouth health as well as proper patient education so you can maintain good oral health even outside the dental clinic.

A treatment plan will also be discussed with you especially if there are other problems that you should be concerned about. This includes the presence of gum disease, tooth decay, and fractured tooth fillings.

If your dentist Sydney sees the need for it, X-rays will also be taken especially in the presence of extensive tooth decay so you are aware of its current state and the steps you may take for its treatment.

Also, your dentist will also be able to locate early signs of oral cancers and unhealthy oral habits. These are problems that will be better managed if you and your dentist are aware of them. The appropriate treatment will also be suggested to provide a solution to such problems.

Dental professionals recommend a twice a year, every 6-month visit to your dentist for professional teeth cleaning Sydney. Call us to know the dental cleaning cost or visit our clinic and let us assist you with maintaining a healthy mouth.


Dentist Parramatta

Dental Emergency

After Hours Emergency Dentist

Tips During Dental Emergencies

When you are in search for best dentist Parramatta, it is also important to take into account if the dental clinic can offer after hours emergency dentist for dental care. As accidents choose no time in happening, having an immediate line of contact available with your emergency dentist can help you save your tooth especially in time-dependent situations such as if you knocked out your teeth.

However, some “emergency dentist near me” may not be available at the time you need them. Other dentists may offer emergency dental care but may need some travel time to get there.

After Hours Emergency DentistSo, if you cannot urgently visit your emergency dentist Sydney and you are met with an unpredictable accident, staying calm and knowing what to do next can make or break the situation.

Awareness of quick remedies and first aid treatments can help with relieving any sort of pain until you are able to get to your Parramatta emergency dentist.

For minor accidents involving chipped or broken teeth, gargling with a mild salt solution to clean the area will help with untoward complications such as infection. Then, take note of the situation and observe for other signs such as bleeding and redness.

For accidents that caused your tooth to completely be removed such as during sports activities, soaking the avulsed tooth in a milk bath until you get to the emergency dental Parramatta is advised. Do not clean the tooth root as this will remove the structures needed to allow your dentist to put it back and preserve it.

In both situations, if some amount of swelling is present, applying cold compress to reduce the swelling is encouraged until you are able to get to your emergency dentist Parramatta. This is also a good remedy for soft tissue trauma such as when you accidentally bite your lip or your inner cheek. 

Keep in mind that drinking medications are not advised unless you have spoken to your emergency dentist in Parramatta.

Most dentists nowadays understand the need for their help even after clinic hours so you may conveniently find them available to give you guidance in the steps you should do next.

Restorative Dentistry

Tooth Crown

Choosing your Dental Crown

Tooth crownDental Crowns are an investment for a better and healthier smile. When you have fractured teeth, extensive tooth decay, or had root canal treatment done, a tooth crown is likely to be placed after the involved tooth.

Dental crown Parramatta acts like a helmet in that it is placed over a damaged tooth to protect and help preserve it instead of opting for tooth extraction.

Depending on factors such as tooth placement in the mouth, patient’s expectations and goals, amount of tooth reduction, among other things, our dental professionals will be glad to walk you through our extensive selections for dental crowns so you can find the right one for you.

Emax Crowns

This is a modern dental crown composed of ceramic material and its main advantages are its superior aesthetic properties and the fact that our clinic can make an Emax crown for you in just one appointment. Due to CAD/CAM technology readily available in our treatment room, our skilled dentists can do tooth reduction and immediately proceed with 3D imaging of your tooth for fabrication of the crown.

This is highly recommended for patients who would like their treatment time to be greatly reduced, especially those who have a busy lifestyle.

Zirconia Crowns

This is also a full ceramic crown with an excellent natural appearance. As this can be made thin, this is the recommended material of choice for patients with an involved tooth that has almost no damage to preserve most of the natural tooth structure.

However, due to the thin material, it is not advised to be placed in a tooth that will need to withstand heavy biting forces such as molars as this may fracture during stress.

Porcelain Fused to Metal

The aesthetic properties of the porcelain shell and the incredible durability and strength of the metal base is the main benefit of porcelain fused to metal crowns.

However, with the two materials over each other, this crown will need a significant amount of tooth to be removed for it to fit perfectly.

Gold Crowns

Gold is ideal material and is considered to be the most biocompatible so you will have no problems with irritation to the gums and other soft tissues of the mouth. This also has excellent strength at par with the natural tooth so this is mostly used for molar dental crowns Parramatta.

However, the colour of this crown is its main disadvantage as it is unsightly when placed among natural teeth.




Invisalign Sydney

Invisalign 101: A Guide to Invisalign Sydney

Over the years, Orthodontics has made several upgrades as patient demands become more specific and as trends come and go. Metal braces were once a fad and were the only treatment option available for the treatment of misaligned teeth.

However, patients have been more exacting in terms of how they look. This is how Invisalign is popularised.

By its name, Invisalign is an invisible aligner that is custom engineered for the patient’s set of teeth. This is made from a thermoplastic material that is pliable yet durable enough to facilitate the movement of teeth to their proper position.

Nowadays, patients consider Invisalign braces to be their option over metal braces because this helps straighten their teeth without having awkward-looking metal braces on their teeth.

How does Invisalign Work?

Trained dentists will first screen you if you are a suitable patient for the Invisalign treatment. Keep in mind that severe cases that warrant jaw and skeletal movement would need heavier work and Invisalign is not the proper option for this treatment.

When selected as a good candidate, your Parramatta orthodontist will come up with a treatment plan for you and will discuss how many aligners will be needed to achieve the desired results. Then, your dentist will take a 3D image of your teeth and from there, your custom clear aligners will be crafted for you.

Invisalign SydneyPatients are required to wear their clear aligners for 20 – 22 hours a day. Fortunately, Invisalign Sydney boasts of incredible comfort even during long periods of wear.

The material is also soft enough not to cause gum irritation. The perfect fit of this custom-made material coupled with patient discipline is the key to encourage tooth movement. 

After some weeks, your orthodontist Parramatta Sydney will schedule an appointment with you to keep track of your progress and to ensure that you are maintaining healthy oral hygiene habits. Invisalign is removable so this helps with ease in cleaning the aligner and the teeth.

Your clear aligners will also be changed after every 4 – 6 weeks. When the teeth have moved, your previous aligner will no longer be effective so changing to a new one is essential to continue with the treatment until you finally achieve better and straighter teeth. 

Consult with our team of skilled orthodontists and find out whether Invisalign Parramatta is the treatment for you.


Parramatta Dentist

General Dentistry

Wisdom Teeth Removal Sydney

What You Need to Know About Wisdom Teeth Removal Sydney

Wisdom Teeth Removal Sydney or Third Molar Removal is a fairly common procedure done to patients of ages in the early 20s to even late 30s. As the wisdom tooth is the last tooth to come out of the mouth, it usually does not have enough space to guarantee a proper eruption.

That being said, a partially erupted wisdom tooth often poses several problems. such as severe discomfort and pain that may cause some disturbances to the patient’s daily life, strain on the jaw, difficulty with opening the mouth and with eating and speaking, jaw pain that may radiate to the face causing severe headaches, cheek biting and eventual trauma to the inner cheek, and possible development of cysts.

With the wisdom tooth being located in the back of the mouth, it may also cause problems such as tooth decay as patients often have a hard time brushing and flossing the area. It may also cause problems on the adjacent tooth especially if the eruption pattern is moving against it. Thus, causing damage to the otherwise healthy second molar.

To remove the worries for such risks imposed by your wisdom teeth, it is best to have your dentist Sydney perform wisdom tooth removal as a preventive measure.

Wisdom Teeth Removal SydneyWisdom Teeth Removal Procedures

A visit to your dentist for wisdom teeth removal Parramatta for a consult is first to be done. Your dentist will take several diagnostic tests to locate the tooth and to make a game plan for ease of removal.

X-Rays will be taken to check the bone overlying the tooth, the position of the tooth in the jaw, and the surrounding structures that may affect the surgery.

Some wisdom teeth removal may be done through simple tooth extraction whilst some may require surgical procedures. In any case, our team of experienced dental surgeons will walk you through the treatment plan.

After proceeding with a jab of anaesthetics and making sure the area is numb, your dentist will use the X-rays as a guide in removing the tooth, removing the bone around it if there is a need to.

After the extraction, sutures will be put in place to help with wound healing and to refrain any food debris from entering the open socket when you eat.

After which, your Dentist Wisdom Tooth Removal will educate you on the proper post-extraction protocols and the proper oral hygiene measures that you need to do to facilitate better and faster tooth extraction healing.


Dentist Parramatta

General Dentistry

Best Dentist Sydney

Often, most people visit the best Sydney dentist only when they are already feeling some sort of pain, discomfort, or any recognisable differences on what is perceived to be normal. At this point, your dentist Sydney can only do so much to save the involved tooth.

This may include having to put dental fillings, placing inlays or dental crowns, maybe root canal therapy or tooth extraction if the damage is extensive, and the eventual placement of dental prostheses such as dental bridge, dentures, or dental implants.

Best Dentist SydneyThese procedures entail extra expenses especially for those that require a series of treatments to save your tooth.

What patients need to understand is a visit to the best dentist Sydney is made worthwhile when you understand the value of Preventive Dentistry and how it can save your teeth from future dental problems and save your pockets from spending too much on dental treatments.

Preventive Dentistry involves procedures that are done to reduce or completely eradicate dental problems. Tooth decay is the most common cause of dental concerns and this is a highly preventable disease if preventive measures are laid out for you by your best dentist Parramatta.

Such preventive measures include:

  • Maintenance of good oral health through good patient education on oral hygiene practices;
  • Regular visits to your best Parramatta dentist of at least twice a year, every 6 months for professional teeth cleaning Sydney, and fluoride application;
  • Good home care oral hygiene practices such as tooth brushing twice a day, flossing, and gargling with a mouthwash;
  • Comprehensive dental check-ups to identify early onset of oral habits and dental problems so they can be managed and treated early.

Parramatta Dentistry can help you with your dental needs before it worsens and this will start with a consultation with our team of skilled and experienced dental professionals.

After all, prevention is better than cure, and setting up an appointment to ensure that you are promised a healthier smile is the first step towards good oral health.

General Dentistry

Cheap Dentist Near Me

We understand that some dental services do not come cheap especially in the city of Sydney where technology and modernisations are catching up. Patients who are in need of a complete mouth rehabilitation with concerns of tooth decay on the majority of their teeth may need to spend a hefty amount of money.

This is also true for patients who want their smiles completely fixed.  Arranging crooked teeth to come into position and brightening and whitening their smile can be treated by a smile makeover and this entails a series of procedures to reach the patient’s demand.

So if you are looking for a cheap dentist near me, you may find that Parramatta Dentistry offers cheap rates on top of their quality services.

Cheap Dentist Near MeParramatta Dentistry, however, prides in providing the best care for their patients and meeting their expectations through modern procedures at a reasonably cheap price.

From general, Parramatta cosmetic dentistry, to surgical dentistry, our friendly team will do their best to provide treatment at affordable rates and most importantly, while taking the patient’s budget into consideration.

For example, patients who are in need of dental crowns may find that their visit to Parramatta Dentistry to be an exceptional experience at a cost most reasonable to their money.

Our dental crowns cost about $1,650 for starters but this is an investment well spent as our clinic already offers on-site machines that can mold your tooth crown on the same day of your visit so you leave our clinic with a better smile.

Aside from such affordable packages and services, cheap dentist Sydney is also partnered with several health insurances so you can avail of lesser to no expense paid dental treatments. You may contact our clinic or your provider for assistance on dental procedures that cover your insurance.

Conclusively, it is best that patients understand that dentistry is not expensive, but neglect is. The constant avoidance of routine check-ups and teeth cleaning can lead to various dental problems if not attended to as early as possible. This is what makes dental services quite costly.

So to avoid the unnecessary costs from preventable dental issues, do pick up your phone and set an appointment with our Parramatta dentist for a consultation.



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