Composite veneers in Parramatta

Are Composite Veneers The Same As Bonding?

Are composite veneers the same as bonding? Yes, the tooth-coloured material known as composite resins that directly bonds with the tooth surface, commonly used in fixing chipped or worn teeth, mercury filling replacement, gaps and cavity fillings and is sometimes used as a veneer substitute.
The composite bonding process involves TOOTH PREPARATION:

  • bonding resin application to create a rough surface allowing the resin to bond micro-mechanically to the structure of the tooth (etching tooth surface for 15-20 secs with a low concentration of acid, washing and drying the tooth)
  • curing of hardened resin by blue laser light, once the resin is applied and moulded and ideal shape of the tooth had been achieved.
  • polishing and buffing composite bonding are done last.

But can composite veneers be replaced? Removing a composite veneer is no problem, but it depends on how your composites were done for you.

If your composites were done with a little or no removal of your tooth structure, then you can just easily go back to your normal teeth or just switch to porcelain if you wish to. But if a bit or a significant amount of enamel is removed, your teeth won’t look good if not covered, plus they could be more sensitive and vulnerable to decay.

Composite veneers in Parramatta

How long do composite veneers last? Although composite veneers in Parramatta can be easily applied in just 1 day, they usually last from 4 to 8 years; however, they do require constant maintenance because they are prone to chipping and breakage if they are not properly taken care of.

So, if you have decided to go ahead and get a dental veneers specifically composite veneer, you don’t have to worry because composite veneers in Parramatta are available so book an appointment with your dentist now and enjoy a brighter smile tomorrow.



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Dental Fillings in Parramatta

Types of Dental Fillings

Dental fillings have proven their worth helping save countless number of patient’s teeth from decay and other related issues. Through cavity filling, people are able to stop tooth decay on its earliest stage.

In addition, this procedure is also used in repairing cracked or broken tooth and those teeth that have been worn down from misuse. The popularity of dental fillings has led to the introduction of different types of materials and variations used in this procedure.

Let us look at the types of dental fillings that you can get today.

Amalgam fillings are considered to be the most common and is also the least expensive filling that is used today. Also known as silver fillings, the material is composed of a mixture of mercury, silver, tin and copper making them sturdy and durable as a result.

Those who want a more natural look will be able to get them through composite fillings. They are also identified as resin filling as this material is used as one of its main component during their construction.

It should be noted that white fillings fall under the category of tooth coloured composites making them suitable for use in the front teeth or visible parts of the teeth.

Last but definitely not that least are the porcelain fillings which takes their shape in the form of ceramics. They are considered to be more resistant to staining than composite resin material but at the same time, are also more abrasive.

Choosing a tooth filling is made easy by talking to your dentist. These professionals will be more than happy to give you their recommendations on what type of fillings will be able to suit your preference and needs.

Dental Fillings in Parramatta

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Tooth Filling in Parramatta

Tooth Filling: What For?

Tooth Filling in ParramattaPeople today will not be finding any shortage of dental treatments and procedures that are available on a regular day to day basis in several clinics.

The increase of these procedures can be both a good and a bad thing to some people.

A less prominent procedure can be foreign to many. A good example of this are the dental fillings.

Let us look at what a tooth filling is and if their cost of entry is worth it.

Dental fillings have saved countless number of patient’s teeth restoring them to their previous and healthy state.

The effects of dental decay can also be lessened with the help of this procedure. Another great feature of tooth filling is their ability to repair cracked or broken tooth.

This also helps protect the remaining tooth from further damage.

Aside from the type of material used for filling your tooth, patients are given 2 options on how they want their filling to be installed. The option to choose from is whether you prefer a permanent or a temporary tooth filling which is a very much welcomed feature.

A temporary filling is often used to allow the tooth’s nerve to settle down which is required if the pulp is irritated. Just as their name implies, this type of filling will usually fall out, fracture, or wear out within 1 month.

During this time, they will then need to be replaced with a permanent tooth filling right away to avoid having the patient’s teeth infected or create other related issues.



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Tooth extraction aftercare in Parramatta

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

Tooth extraction aftercare in ParramattaAs much as we don’t want it to happen, some of our teeth needs to be extracted in order to avoid further complications.

This procedure is done in order to make way to a new set of healthy teeth be it authentic or through artificial means.

This process however, takes time giving your teeth a breathing in order for their wounds to heal.

During cases, tooth extraction care is often applied to help speed up their recovery.

Let us look at some tips on how you can minimise discomfort with your newly extracted tooth.

Patients today are not left alone with regards to tooth extraction healing. Dentists often prescribe their clients with the right amount of painkillers in order to ease the pain.

A number of patients were able to benefit greatly by applying ice bag to the affected area as this is known to keep down the swelling after the procedure.

Tooth extraction infection can happen if you are not careful with your daily activities.

Wisdom teeth removal aftercare requires patients to limit strenuous activities for the next day or two to avoid reopening of the wounds. Patients are also advised to relax after the extraction for at least 24 hours to avoid any cases of dislodging.

Food and drinks should also be supervised as you will need to avoid solid foods for the time being. Soup, pudding, yogurt, or applesauce are great soft food alternatives that you can eat after extraction.

Smoking should also be avoided as this can slow down healing.



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Tooth removal in Parramatta

When Do I Need Tooth Extraction?

Having your teeth extracted is always something that people are not eager about. This is because you will be losing your tooth temporarily as well as permanently for some.

This is why a huge number of individuals often delay tooth extraction making it their last resort.

Let us look at some signs that can help you tell that you need a tooth extraction.

As mentioned earlier, people often have a habit of delaying tooth removal. This however, can only make matters even more worse than they currently are.

For instance, if your damaged tooth is suffering from infection, a molar extraction, is advised right away to avoid decay to spread to the tooth’s pulp. If this is not treated with haste, there is a huge likelihood for the infection to spread from one tooth to another.

Even with the latest technology, sometimes dental extraction will be the best course of action. This often happens when repair of a tooth cannot be accomplished with a dental filling or a crown.

Tooth removal in Parramatta

Accidents or extensive decay can also make the tooth unsalvageable. Patients who are also suffering from periodontal disease are also considered to be good candidates for tooth extraction.

Tooth extraction needs to be done right away. For that matter, it is best that you heed the advice of your dentist and schedule the procedure as soon as possible.

It should be noted that tooth extraction in Parramatta is covered by several dental insurance companies so you don’t need to worry too much about their cost.

Teeth whitening procedure in Parramatta

Considerations Before Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening procedure in ParramattaTeeth discolouration is a common issue that a huge number of individuals are suffering from.

Even with your earnest efforts in brushing and flossing your teeth, you will still need an intervention from a professional in order to remove these stains.

It is good to hear that teeth whitening procedure exists allowing their patients to achieve the pearly white and shiny teeth in a timely and effective manner.

This in turn makes the procedure a popular choice to many.

Let us look at some of the factors that you need to keep in mind with teeth whitening.

Effective teeth whitening relies heavily in finding a professional that will be able to do the job. Teeth whitening dentist will be the one in charge of the procedure and will give the rundown on what to expect before and after the procedure.

Tooth sensitivity is a common issue that happens after whitening. Your dentist will be able to prescribe you with a pain reliever if you feel like the sensitivity is unbearable.

Teeth whitening cost can range from $150 to $1,500, depending on the type of procedure that you want to pursue. Teeth whitening can last up to three years which is reliant on your oral hygiene and eating habits.

Eating or drinking products that can stain your teeth can shorten the effects of teeth whitening in Parramatta. The same can also be said with regards to smoking.

It is important to note that teeth whitening results can vary from person to person. Overdoing it with home treatments will permanently damage your teeth so it is best that you let the professionals do the job for you.




Root canal procedure in Parramatta

Process of Root Canal Therapy

Root canal procedure in ParramattaRoot canal therapy is often advised to patients who are suffering from a badly decayed or infected tooth.

The procedure is necessary in order to avoid bacteria from spreading around the affected area which can cause an infection or abscessed tooth later down the line.

Let us help guide you through the root canal treatment steps that you will take with your root canal therapy in Parramatta.

Taking an x-ray is the first step with your root canal procedure which is done in order to help see the shape of the root canals.

This also allows dentists to tell if there are any signs of infection in a surrounding bone.

Tooth isolation is done by placing a rubber dam around the tooth keeping them clean and dry all throughout the procedure.

The next step is to create the access cavity by drilling a hole that extends through the surface of your tooth to its pulp chamber. This is where most of the cleaning will be done by removing the decayed nerve tissue and other related debris and bacteria from the tooth.

Once cleaning is completed, dentist will then take the necessary measures to seal the tooth.

The entire root canal treatment procedure can take a week depending on the dentist in charge. Some practitioners seal the tooth the same day it is cleaned out, while others like to wait a week before sealing the tooth.

A sealer paste and a rubber compound are then placed into the tooth’s root canal to fill the interior of the tooth.




The best dental crowns in Parramatta.

Do I Need a Temporary Crown?

Temporary crowns in Parramatta

Dental crowns are often highly regarded in the field of dentistry with its ability to protect and improve the overall appearance of a broken or chipped tooth.

This in turn makes it possible for patients to save their tooth instead of having them removed.

Before one is given a permanent crown, a temporary one is often provided to their patients.

Let us explore what role temporary crown in the dental crowning procedure.

Temporary crowns are known to play a huge role in the dental crown procedure.

It is important to note that before you can have a permanent crown placed into your mouth, dentists will need to fabricate crown to fit your needs.

This procedure can take two to three weeks to complete and for the duration of this period, patients will be outfitted with a temporary crown instead. This is done in order to avoid the teeth from moving on its own which can screw up the measurements for the definitive piece.

One thing to note with a temporary crown is that they can fall off the teeth especially when you eat sticky foods. Patients however, will be able to fix them back in place with personal denture cement for the time being until he/she goes to the dental clinic.

Clients will also be able to continue to eat and speak normally while wearing them.

Caring for a temporary crown is also important as you wait for your dental crown replacement. Normal brushing and flossing is usually more than enough to keep these crowns in good shape and form.



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We are the best in wisdom tooth removal here in Parramatta.

Wisdom Tooth Complications and What Needs to Be Done


We are the best in wisdom tooth removal here in Parramatta.Many consider wisdom tooth growth to be a rite of passage preparing an individual to transition to adulthood.

Wisdom tooth, however, can be both a blessing as well as a curse especially with the complications they can bring into the table to a person having them.

Let us look at some wisdom tooth issues and reasons why a tooth extraction in Parramatta is necessary.

Because wisdom tooth grows during adolescence, there is a huge chance that your teeth is already well developed resulting to a number of problems.

One of them can be found in the form of impacted wisdom teeth which happens where the mouth does not have enough room for the teeth to emerge or develop normally.

Patients will feel pain and if not treated in a timely manner can result to damage to other teeth and can also develop into other dental problems. It is also important to note that an impacted wisdom tooth is also difficult to clean because of their location and as a result, they become more vulnerable to tooth decay and gum disease.

Tooth extraction is often advised with an impacted wisdom tooth. With that being said, not all cases are the same since a wisdom tooth can grow naturally without any issues. There are symptoms that can help you tell if your wisdom tooth is impacted such as red or swollen gums, jaw pain, bad breath and the likes.

During such cases, it is best to schedule an appointment for wisdom teeth removal in Parramatta as soon as possible.




The best teeth whitening in Parramatta.

Complementary Teeth Whitening Solutions


Teeth whitening are a dental procedure that is advised to be taken at least twice a year in order to keep your teeth in good shape and form. Since Teeth whitening in Parramatta are done on a regular basis, the need to lower its cost is important especially in the long run.

Let us look at some innovative ways on how you can save teeth whitening cost in Parramatta.

It should be noted that modern technology has contributed greatly in making teeth whitening more accessible to everyone. This can be seen with the introduction of several teeth whitening alternatives that work hand in hand in improving your smile.

First off are the over the counter teeth whiteners that are available in the market today. These products have become more accessible with them integrating their items over the internet.

The best teeth whitening in Parramatta.

These help remove surface stains but are not for everyone especially to those who have gum and teeth sensitivity as they may experience burns or discomfort during use.

During such cases, your best bet is to have professional teeth whitening in Parramatta done at the clinic.

Whitening toothpaste is known to produce little to no side effects and is a great way to maintain your bright smile.

These are effective in improving your smile and remove surface stains however, their effects are limited as they will not be able to directly change the actual colour of your teeth.

This is where the best teeth whitening in Parramatta shines with the help of a professional.



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