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1) Zoom! Daywhite Take Home Whitening Kits for $349
2) Zoom! PolaOffice 2 Blue-light In-chair Whitening for only $688! Now only $450 In-chair Teeth Whitening with our Hygienist.
3) Zoom! PolaOffice 2 Blue-light Whitening for $990, Zoom! In-Chair teeth whitening with mini take home Zoom! kit.

Brighten your teeth using Zoom! Teeth whitening kits.


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Teeth Whitening Specials


Zoom! Daywhite for $349

You’re looking at one of the most effective take home whitening gels on the market! Other brands of take home whitening kits require overnight wear which means there is more risk of ingestion. While Zoom! Daywhite simply requires an hour once or twice a day! An added advantage of Zoom! Daywhite is that the level of sensitivity is far less then Zoom PolarOffice 2 Blue-light whitening but their efficiency is near same.

Only drawback is that it requires more time to become effective, typically 2-4 weeks. The gel is activated after it is syringed out of its special mixing tips, it is also recommended to be stored in a cool place which helps it retain the effectiveness and prevents and premature chemical activation.

* The result may vary from person to person as well as the treatment length*.

** Patients need to see the dentist prior to engaging any whitening treatment for an exam**


Zoom! PolaOffice 2 Blue-light In-chair  Teeth Whitening only $688! Now only $450 In-chair Teeth Whitening with our Hygienist.

At Parramatta Dentistry, we offer the most effective and latest system of in chair whitening which SDI is proud to present their 100% Australian made whitening system called PolarOffice 2, which utilises a powerful blue-light and high potency bleaching gel. This isn’t used with any lasers in the whitening light as research has found that the blue-light can be as effective to provide the best outcome without causing excessive dehydration or increased sensitivity to the teeth. The procedure begins by coating the teeth in a professional-grade whitening gel. This hydrogen peroxide-based gel is activated by the special blue light that encourages oxygen to enter the enamel and dentin which starts bleaching out stains and discoloration. This procedure can usually be completed within an hour or so, you can immediately return to your normal daily life with no hassle, you can enjoy a whiter, brighter smile.


Zoom! PolaOffice 2 Blue-light Whitening for $990, Zoom! In-Chair teeth whitening with mini take home Zoom! kit.

If you’re looking for a great deal that includes both our in chair and take home whitening then this the best offer for you! With teeth whitening becoming an increasingly popular and none invasive cosmetic treatment for patients who just want to improve on the whiteness of their teeth, this treatment can be repeated up 3 times depending on what shade of white you were after.

There is a healthy limitations to how white your teeth will become, and we do not advocate for excessive whitening. Also, there are certain types of discoloration which cannot be improved from standard whitening, such as leaky old fillings. In your consultation with the dentist or hygienist they’ll advise whether professional tooth whitening is suitable for you.

We also provide a take-home touch up kit which includes custom made trays and an extra syringe of Zoom! Daywhite whitening gel.We are the best in teeth whitening here in Parramatta.

* While we expect minimal sensitivities under most circumstances, it may not be the ideal treatment for every patient, especially those who suffer from hypersensitivity, gum diseases or have dental cavities.

**You can purchase more whitening gel from our friendly receptionist.

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Call Us Today: 8090 1109 or e-mail or visit us at Suite 25, Lvl 3, 27 Hunter Street, Parramatta.

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