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Mays Hill is filled with great and exciting adventures that are sure to complete your day. It doesn’t matter if you’re with friends and family or if you’re travelling alone, Mays Hill has something to offer that is especially for you. Mays Hill dentist Parramatta Dentistry also serves in this area.

Check out these exciting places to visit and some cool, fun adventures to experience whilst in Mays Hill.

Dharug National Park

This 14,850-hectare national park which contains the 43 km stretch of the convict-build Old Great North Road that was built between 1826 and 1836 contains the oldest surviving stone bridges in mainland Australia like the Clares Bridge and the Circuit Flat Bridge. It is also considered as one of the 11 UNESCO World Heritage, listed Australian Convict Sites that tells the story of how convicts were forced to migrate as part of the punishment to reform criminals during those days.

The traditional custodians of the area were the Indigenous Dharug people where the park derived its name.

So you can try exploring the World Heritage-listed Old Great North Road, go camping at the 31 campsites like Mill Creek, Walking or Mountain Biking the Great North Road, the Devines Hill Loop, the Dubbo Gully Loop Trail, the Grass Tree Circuit and the 11 km walking track or just relaxing at the Mill Creek Picnic Area after the end of the day. It’s still an awesome adventure that you may not soon forget.

The Burramatta Aboriginal Landscape Trail

This was made by restoring and rebuilding the areas of endangered Cumberland, Plain Woodland and the River Flat Forest at Domain Creek and shows the plants and raw materials being used for traditional food and medicine by the local Aboriginal people.
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These and a lot more places to visit are waiting for you when you visit or take a trip to Mays Hill, it doesn’t matter if you’re one of the locals or just a tourist wandering around, no matter the height of your adventure and the depth of your experience, your memories will always be the same, just priceless.

Tourist Spots in Mays Hill