Events in Rosehill

Rosehill is not only known for their scenic views, historical landmarks and delectable foods, one good thing about the city is the caring people and their warm hospitality as they immediately welcome you with open arms and treat you as one of their own. This is why dentist in Rosehill, Parramatta Dentistry is very proud to belong in this community.

Also famous for its many festivals and events, 2 of the most famous events in Rosehill are:

The Rosehill Trailer Boat Show

Trailer boating is continuously gaining popularity due to its advantages and availability, non-stop progress and improvements in trailer technology and admittance to existing and newly developed boat ramps. The wide array of trailer boats now available, along with the diversity of engine types, makes trailer boat ownership more enticing than ever before.

Mega Fishing Tank

Making a huge comeback to this year’s Rosehill Trailer Boat Show is Australia’s biggest fishing exhibition tank. At 21 metres long, the glass tank holds 14,500 litres of water with live fish, it showcases learning and fun-filled fishing experiences at the show. Fishing experts use the tank to present how various lures work to entice diverse species of fish, as you actually see the fish pursue and react to the lures. Presentations take place at different times during the show.

NSW Roads and Maritime Services will also be at the show, demonstrating their ‘Lifejacket Self-Service Clinics’. The clinics show how to perform simple pre-wear, last-minute checks before use, and how to service your own inflatable lifejackets. While inflatable lifejackets are easy to wear, convenient and economical, they demand extra care and consideration to make sure that they will inflate in an emergency.

NSW State Title Hot Rod Show

Classified as a State Title Show, the show is approved by the ASRF (Australian Street Rod Federation). Formal judging will be in agreement with the ASRF Handbook. Wherein a minimum of four judges (two from NSW, two from interstate) and four stewards will check and evaluate the vehicles conforming with the regulations outlined in Section 6 of the ASRF Handbook.Dentist in Rosehill

Sydney Beer Fest

This year’s BeerFest welcomes all beer drinkers and festival lovers on a quest for food and beer. To hunt for originally concocted beer and brews, unique festival brews, best food and beer combination, ciders, cocktails and amazing spirits made by the brewers themselves from all around the country.

This will be the grandest and most talked about BeerFest season yet.

So what are you still waiting for? Pack your bags, get on a plane and experience the adventure, embark on a mysterious quest and go on a journey of self-discovery, live your dreams and get a kick out of Australia.

Events in Rosehill