Resources For North Parramatta

Over the past 4 years, North Parramatta has already seen 37% growth in tourist numbers, having a million visitors last year. The region is immersed in history and had been home to Australia’s oldest surviving public building, the Old Government House, the country house that had served as home to the colony’s early governors. North Parramatta dentist, Parramatta Dentistry is proud to belong in this area and serve the public.

So if you are a tourist on a first visit, try this suggested tour:

Morning Brunch

Get your day started with a heavenly caffeine fix and a delectable brunch at Paper Plane Cafe or enjoy some morning delicacies at Circa Espresso.

Try Cruising

As you walk along the Parramatta River, try jumping onto the RiverCat, take the ferry to UNESCO World Heritage-listed Cockatoo Island and behold the breathtaking views over Sydney Harbour and maybe walk through convict, discover and be amazed by the many art exhibitions all through the north parramatta

Relax Yourself

Go back to Parramatta and be a part of history in the World Heritage-listed Parramatta Park. Have fun and enjoy an exquisite lunch at the Old Government House, travel back in history as you check out the colonial buildings, sandstone courtyards and gardens. It’s a family treat; the kids can play in the two amazing playgrounds while you and your partner can take a romantic stroll in the large formal rose garden and be enchanted with the rare collection of heritage roses that it contains.

Enjoy The Nightlife

Before you end the day, try going to the Riverside Theatre, a part of the Church Street restaurant precinct that highlights some of the nation’s musicians and artist performing in an intimate space, top your evening off with late-night pancakes and hearty burgers at the famous City Extra.

But there are a lot more exciting things to do and lot more things to visit, like The Rosehill Gardens Racecourse, Hambledon Cottage, St Patrick’s Cathedral, Bankwest Stadium, Elizabeth Farm and lot more. You see when you visit North Parramatta you don’t just have fun and enjoy, you also get this magical feeling that somehow you belong. So where ever your life takes you, North Parramatta will always have a special place in your heart.

Resources For North Parramatta