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Cosmetic Dentistry is an art of dental practice that helps with improving one’s smile through a series of beautifying and restorative procedures done to their teeth.

With the boost of self-esteem provided by a long-desired, perfectly bright smile, patients become more socially interactive as they do not need to feel conscious about how their teeth look. Rather, they involve themselves in gatherings and professional discussions more with confidence.

Your smile and your teeth are perhaps some of the first things someone notices when you speak and with this on the line, it is important that you find the best cosmetic dentist Sydney to handle your Cosmetic Dentistry concerns.

Advantages of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry Parramatta involves several affordable cosmetic dentistry options with each specialising to address your concerns. These procedures include teeth whitening, tooth reshaping, dentures, dental crowns and bridges, dental veneers and laminates, Inlays and Onlays, dental fillings, Orthodontics, and dental implants among many others.

Best cosmetic dentist SydneyWhen you visit your dentist with concerns such as discoloured teeth, misshapen teeth, disproportionate smile, crooked teeth, tooth decay, minor tooth cracks, tooth gaps, and missing teeth, our friendly dentists Parramatta are to lay out a series of procedures that will address your dental problems while meeting your expectations. 

Our team of cosmetic dentist Parramatta will also help with not only providing answers to your dental concerns, but they will make sure that you are guaranteed a perfectly bright and healthy smile after.

Cosmetic dentist Sydney tackles tooth issues such as discolourations, small cracks and chips, and awkwardly misshapen teeth so they are made to be more aesthetically pleasing.

For dentures, dental bridges, and the more modern treatment of dental implants, techniques in cosmetic dentistry ensure patients of normal functions such as chewing and biting while making sure that the teeth are as natural looking as possible so that you do not have to feel wary about your dental prostheses.

For a visit with a Cosmetic Dentist Near Me, give Parramatta Dentistry a call and have yourself scheduled for an appointment so you can kick start your journey to healthy teeth and better smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentist Sydney

Being one of the many dental surgeries in Sydney, at Parramatta Dentistry we pride ourselves as one of the best cosmetic dentist Sydney. Our Parramatta cosmetic dentistry services range from simple teeth whitening procedure to extensive dental veneer treatment. At Parramatta Dentistry our aim is to improve one’s confidence by giving them the best smile possible. There are different options on improving one’s smile, either if it’s repairing one chipped tooth or having a smile makeover. Our experience and professional dentists will do their best to cater to all your needs. Below are some cosmetic dental services we provide to help achieve a whiter, straighter and confident smile.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a simple and non-invasive treatment to achieve whiter and brighter teeth. There are two types of teeth whitening methods, take home whitening and in-chair whitening. Take home whitening can be done in the comfort of your own home over the period of 2 weeks. While in-chair whitening is done in one visit with immediate reason.


To achieve straight teeth without being noticed. Invisalign is a clear braces system using clean aligners to straighten your teeth. Unlike traditional metal braces, it is partially invisible and is perfect for individuals who want to straighten their teeth discreetly.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are a thin shell layer that goes on top of the front surfaces of the teeth. The veneers are made to change the size, shape and shade of the patient’s teeth resulting in a complete smile makeover. There are two different types of veneers, composite veneer and porcelain veneer. Both styles of veneers are able to cover imperfections of the teeth such as discolouration, odd tooth structure, gappy or crooked teeth. Due to these reasons they are considered to be more extensive and expensive compared to other cosmetic dental services. 

Dental Crowns

Cosmetic Dentist SydneyDental crowns are a cap that covers the whole tooth. In a way it acts as a helmet for the tooth where major treatment such as tooth huge restoration or root canal treatment is required. Colour matching and staining one tooth requires a keen eye in detail. Our cosmetic dentists at Parramatta Dentistry are meticulous in their work to achieve the perfect tooth anatomy and the shade.

Dental Bridge

Dental Bridge fills in the empty space of a missing tooth and uses a joint system of multiple crowns. The two outer edges of the bridge are like crowns that can cap onto the tooth, while the middle part that is flushed is called the pontic. You can have 1 or 2 pontics depending on how many teeth you’re missing and how healthy the neighbouring teeth are to support the bridge. Like crowns, dental bridges also need to look unified in a patient’s mouth and require a fine eye to detail.

Contouring and Reshaping

Contouring and reshaping are another simple cosmetic dental procedure available in cosmetic dentistry Parramatta to fix minor tooth structures such as chipped, crooked or irregular shaped teeth. This treatment is usually performed to correct the length, size, shape or position of the tooth, where sometimes it can also help correct bite issues.

To discuss and see which cosmetic dental services are required to help achieve your best smile, please contact our cosmetic dentist office at Parramatta Dentistry where our professional and experienced dentist is able to give you all your options.


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Cosmetic Dentistry

Porcelain Veneers Sydney

What are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are wafer thin ceramic shelled material that is fitted on the front surface of the teeth. They are designed to improve the overall aesthetic of a person’s smile by fixing crooked, gappy, discoloured or chipped teeth. Porcelain veneer material is strong and durable with high resistance to fracture and stains. Due to these reasons with a longer lifespan compared to composite veneers, porcelain veneers Sydney are highly desired amongst patients. They do require more preparation work on the tooth surface, but can achieve a whiter and brighter that composite veneer is unable to.

Types of Material For Porcelain Veneers

At Parramatta Dentistry we use four main types of dental ceramic material for porcelain veneers. They are Feldspathic ceramic which is the conventional porcelain veneer material. Lava Ultimate, a resin-nano ceramic. Emax which is our most popular veneer ceramic with the best track record and Zirconia that is best for covering up the dark underlying tooth. All four porcelain veneer materials at Parramatta have their own unique qualities and properties where it serves its purpose according to the individual’s concerns. It is ideal to get a consultation appointment with one of our experienced dentists at Parramatta Dentistry to help discuss what material is suitable for your case.

How Long Will It Take To Install Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain Veneers SydneyAs porcelain veneer is an indirect treatment, meaning the veneer is made outside of the patient’s mouth. The treatment requires 2 visits within 1-2 week apart for the permanent veneers to be cemented on. During that time temporary veneers will be issued for aesthetic purposes and it is designed to flick off very easily. It is recommended to cut your food into small bite sizes and eat with your back molars instead of biting.

Cost of Porcelain Veneers in Sydney

Most dental practices around Sydney offer porcelain veneers at an average of $2,000 which is quite expensive.

Porcelain Veneers Cost at Parramatta Dentistry

At Parramatta Dentistry, no matter which four ceramic veneer material is suitable for you, the price for our porcelain veneer is $1,800 per tooth. If you wish to get a smile makeover of getting 6 or more porcelain veneers, we do have a package of $1,400 per tooth. Our dental veneers cost Parramatta is quite affordable as compared to other dental practices and done by our expert as well. During the consultation at Parramatta Dentistry the dentist will be able to check your smile line to confirm how many porcelain veneer teeth you need for the smile makeover.

Caring for Porcelain Veneer

To ensure your porcelain veneers longevity and to extend the life of your veneers, it is important to maintain good oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing twice a day with a 6 monthly routine check up is the main course of action to provide a good foundation for your porcelain veneers Parramatta. At Parramatta Dentistry we offer a 5 years conditional warranty for our porcelain veneers cases. To ensure that the warranty is valid our patients must receive 2 routine examinations and clean per year at our practices. This not only allows us to remove plaque build up but allows our clinician to pick up on any abnormalities or early signs of decay. If you have private health insurance you may get a no gap routine check up and clean with our oral health therapist. This means no out of pocket fee for you while providing the best care for your teeth.


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Composite Veneers Sydney

What are Composite Veneers?

Composite veneer is part of cosmetic dentistry, where the dentist uses the malleable composite material to build and change the aesthetics of the patient’s teeth. Using composite veneer the dentist is able to improve the patient’s smile by changing the appearance of the tooth. The shape, shade and size of the tooth can be redesigned to a whiter, brighter and straighter smile.

How Long Do Composite Veneers Take To Be Installed?

Composite veneer is considered a direct veneer treatment, which means it can be completed within one visit. At Parramatta Dentistry we strongly recommend patients to come in for a consultation to discuss the composite veneer treatment and to see if composite veneer is suitable for your case. Patients that have crowded teeth, cross bite or missing teeth may not be suitable for composite veneer. For these cases the patient might need other dental treatment to fix these problems prior to starting.

Few Facts About Composite Veneers

Composite Veneers SydneyComposite veneers in Sydney need minimal preparation work on the tooth, so it is perfect for a patient who has slightly crooked or gappy teeth. The composite material is translucent and buildable making the veneers to look very natural and realistic. The strength and wear resistance has been greatly improved, unfortunately it still can’t compete with porcelain veneers Parramatta. Due to the nature of allowing the veneers to bond properly to the tooth. The procedure of preparing the tooth does require minimal work to the tooth structure and once the treatment has started it can not be reversed.

Price of Composite Veneers in Sydney

Composite veneers in Sydney usually range from $650 – $1,000 per tooth.

Composite Veneer Cost at Parramatta Dentistry

The price for composite veneers at Parramatta Dentistry is $595 per tooth. We also provide payment plan options for patients with zip pay. To see if you’re eligible for zip pay please speak to our friendly front desk receptionist after your consultation appointment. They will be able to help you go through the steps online or on your mobile.

Caring for Composite Veneers

Whether you have improved your smile with one tooth or a set of teeth with composite veneers, caring for your composite veneers is simple. Just as your normal teeth, it is important to maintain good oral hygiene. This means brushing and flossing twice daily to help remove plaque build up and decay, which in terms extend the longevity of composite veneers. Gentle brushing is also encouraged instead of brushing aggressively, as it can lead to gum recession. Once the gum starts to recede the seam between the veneer and tooth becomes visible and further treatment is required to cover this junction. Also avoiding any food that can chip or crack your teeth can also damage your composite veneer. Make sure your hard food is cut into small bite sizes instead of directly biting into them. To help maintain good oral hygiene please visit us at Parramatta Dentistry every 6 months for your routine check up and clean. Our dentist or oral health therapist will be able to do a thorough teeth cleaning while checking that they are secure and see if there are any visible signs of vulnerability.


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Teeth Whitening Sydney

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

To achieve beautiful white teeth, teeth whitening Parramatta is the safest, affordable and non invasive option to attain this result. Teeth whitening Parramatta uses a whitening gel that contains active hydrogen peroxide ingredient to bleach the enamel, the outer surface of the teeth. Once the whitening gel is applied onto the teeth a reaction from the whitening agent will occur. The oxygen molecule from the whitening gel will start to break down the bond between the discoloured molecules from the teeth. This reaction ultimately results in the process of achieving brighter and whiter teeth.

Which Stains Work Well With Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening in Sydney works well on extrinsic stains which are stains that occur on the surface of the teeth. Intrinsic stains that appear on the micro cracks of the enamel and in the dentin, the layer underneath the enamel has a lower possibility. Hence it is always recommended to get a consultation with a dentist to see if your teeth are suitable for teeth whitening. There are also two types of teeth whitening available at Parramatta Dentistry, in-chair and take-home. The dentist will be able to discuss which option is best suited for you.

In-Chair Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening sydneyFor instant result, in-chair whitening is the best teeth whitening in Sydney for immediate whiter and brighter teeth. The appointment for in-chair teeth whitening will take up to 60 minutes. The dental clinician will apply a barrier on your gums, this is to protect the whitening agent from burning the soft tissues. After applying the barrier, they will proceed with the whitening gel and blue light to active the whitening process.

Teeth Whitening at Parramatta Dentistry

At Parramatta Dentistry we decide to use SDI Polaoffice+ instead of other system such as Zoom teeth whitening or laser teeth whitening as it has proven to be long lasting, effective and affordable. Allowing us to provide the best in-chair teeth whitening treatment at a low cost of $449. If you have private health insurance you can also check if they can provide you with any rebate with the item number 118 x 12.

Take Home Teeth Whitening

For people who like to whiten their teeth in the comfort of their own home and they have more sensitive teeth, take home whitening is the best option for you. The whitening agent for take home whitening is less concentrated and is perfect for patients who have hypersensitive teeth that would like to self monitor their whitening progress at home. At Parramatta Dentistry the dentist will issue you a custom made whitening trays with safety instructions on techniques and methods to apply it on yourself. For take home whitening the patient must be diligent and wear the whitening trays for at least 30 minutes each day for over the period of 2 weeks to see results. Our patients also take advantage of our in-chair and take home teeth whitening package to help maintain and maximise the whole teeth whitening procedure. To check if you are eligible for any rebate from your private health insurance the item number for take home teeth whitening is 119 x 2 and 927 x 1.



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Tooth Implant Recovery Time



tooth implant recovery time ParramattaGetting a dental implant is a surgery and this procedure requires an aftercare. After getting an implant, there are restrictions on what to eat after the surgery as well as things you need to do and to avoid.

Cleaning your dental implants is the same as brushing your teeth on a daily basis, you can floss and use mouthwash too. Keep your implants as clean as possible which is why there are different dental implant cleaning materials used that you should consider buying.

Tooth implant recovery time will take about weeks to months and the dental implant procedure timeline is for about 6 months. It will start with your initial consultation and this is where the dentist will take a look at your medical history, take x-rays and impressions.

Surgery will then follow and after a healing period for about 6 months, the abutment will be placed. After that, there will be 2nd healing period then the last stage will be the placement of the dentures.

Any surgery causes pain, just the same as dental implant procedure pain. A lot of patients are worried about the pain associated with dental implants and its duration. They want to know if the pain is mild or intense as well as the ways to alleviate the pain after the surgery.

The first day after the surgery is critical because this is where you will feel most pain because the anaesthesia has already subsided, there will be some slight bleeding and swelling.

Always follow the post procedure instructions of your dentist because it will be crucial for your mouth to avoid getting infections or diseases. Also, drink the medicines recommended by your dentist and most of all maintain a proper oral hygiene.

There is a lot of tooth implant performed in Parramatta and most dentists are offering dental implant surgery with the most advance technology and still in an affordable price in which you can get the same treatment as to those other practices with an expensive cost.

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Pros and Cons of Teeth Whitening

Who doesn’t want to have white teeth? Nowadays, it’s very easy to have our teeth whitened through professional teeth whitening which is the most common cosmetic dentistry or over the counter teeth whitening products.

We can all have an easy access to everything to whiten our teeth but without proper understanding the pros and cons of teeth whitening it could damage or ruin our dream perfect smile.

One of the pros of teeth whitening is the confident smile it can give to us which makes us more attractive. Then, one of the potential risk is tooth sensitivity and gum irritation.

Since this type of whitening uses bleach such as peroxide-based whitening that can cause gum burns, burning sensation in throat or upset stomach.

What could be the long term effects of teeth whitening? More teeth whitening products are now available over-the-counter and these store-bought teeth whitening products have hydrogen peroxide which is a bleaching agent.

Pros and cons of teeth whitening in ParramattaRegular use of this can lessen or lighten the enamel making the teeth brittle that could cause chipping or cracking of teeth as well as sensitive teeth.

Teeth whitening in Parramatta has become more popular because this is the easiest and fastest way to get your perfect white smile. It can only take for about 60-90 minutes to achieve a flashy smile which can be done either in-chair whitening or a take home teeth whitening.

Most common teeth whitening Sydney product is Zoom which is a light activated technology and can whiten your teeth in one session and is non-invasive. All that is needed is the whitening gel that is being applied to your upper and lower teeth while the LED light triggers the gel.

The bottom line is that we should all be aware of the pros and cons of teeth whitening because without this understanding, it could cause damage to your precious smile as our smile is the first thing that everybody notices.




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Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry Options

A lot of women lately have been wanting to have an affordable cosmetic dentistry options. While the traditional dentistry helps us with good oral hygiene, the Parramatta cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving your smile.

Most women who seek cosmetic dentistry have spent around $7000 and others spent as little as $300 according to American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD).

There are various cosmetic dentistry services where patients can choose from and these are teeth whitening, bonding, veneers, implants, dentures and crowns. Choosing the right cosmetic dentist Sydney will help you and lead you to the right treatment you will have.

Most cosmetic dentist had taken additional course and extensive study about these treatments and procedures, they should also be a part or accredited with any recognised associations.

If you are looking for cosmetic dentistry prices in Parramatta, one thing that we need to consider as well is the fee for the dental services as they tend to differ and sometimes it depends on the location and the years of study of the dentist.Affordable cosmetic dentistry options in Parramatta

So how much does it cost to have perfect teeth? For most people in Sydney who are willing to spend for aesthetic purposes of their smile, they could spend as much as $7000 depending on the type of smile makeover they would like to have.c

Here at Parramatta Dentistry, one of the best cosmetic dentist Sydney, the cosmetic dentistry services starts at $349 for take home teeth whitening kit, $695 for composite veneers, $1,400 for porcelain veneers (for 6 or more veneers), $5,199 for dental implant, $4,300 for Invisalign and so forth. Parramatta Dentistry is actually one of the cheap dentist Sydney around as well as providing quality cosmetic dentistry.

Top reasons for getting teeth done is for career, holidays, dating, wedding day, aesthetic purposes and to feel younger. Back in the days, only rich and famous have access to invest in cosmetic dentistry Parramatta but now this type of cosmetic is accessible to a lot of patients as they are not just used for aesthetic purposes but also to improve oral hygiene.

Everything depends on how major change the patient would like, from just a simple teeth whitening to major dental surgery. We all like to have clean, healthy, perfect and natural looking teeth but then it all depends on how much the patient is willing to pay.




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Is the Cost of Teeth Whitening Worth It?

Teeth whitening prices in ParramattaThere must be a time when someone you know suddenly comes up to you and says, “Hey, you need some teeth whitening. Go visit a dentist.”

When that happens, don’t get offended. Teeth whitening is very important too, and should actually be on top of your priorities.

Having sparkly white teeth is a sign of good oral health as well, so you should really think about investing on the skills of your dentist and avail of teeth whitening services.

Are the benefits really worth the teeth whitening cost in Parramatta? Here are some of the advantages that you can expect to enjoy when you decide to regularly subject your teeth to cleaning and whitening:

  • You get a more attractive smile, which will grow your popularity with your peers.
  • You can avoid serious oral health problems that can cost you more in the long run.
  • You can be rest assured that your mouth and teeth are in great shape.

These are but three advantages that you can get from teeth whitening in Parramatta, and you can tell that they all outweigh the cost.

Here are some ways though to look for an affordable teeth whitening in Parramatta. Just by browsing on the Internet, you can easily find teeth whitening in Parramatta deals.

The Internet has a mega warehouse of information on that topic and many others. With a few keywords and the click of a mouse, you can find reliable sources of teeth whitening prices Parramatta.

Do a bit of research, and you can certainly find that deal that should give you a great bargain on teeth whitening services.

Teeth Whitening Price in Sydney

Around Sydney, teeth whitening costs about $800 per visit at a dental clinic and $400 – $500 for the take home teeth whitening. For over the counter teeth whitening Sydney products, it costs around $100 or even less depending on type and brands.

Teeth Whitening Cost in Parramatta Dentistry

Parramata Dentistry has one of the most affordable rates for teeth whitening around Sydney. In-Chair teeth whitening is only $449 whilst take home teeth whitening is only $349. Adding a take home teeth whitening with in-chair teeth whitening will be a much greater savings as you only have to add an extra $100.

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How Diet Can Affect Your Dental Implant Cost

Dental implant cost in ParramattaIt should be noted that food is oftentimes the least of concern for people who have just received a dental implant. A common error a number of individuals take is taking their diet lightly or for granted.

Several patients go back to their everyday meals which can affect the overall integrity of their implant.

Let us look at what role food plays in helping you minimise the dental implant cost in Parramatta but first here’s an overview of tooth implant cost around Sydney.

Dental Implant Cost in Sydney

In most dental clinics around Sydney, dental implant cost about $6,000 – $8,000 per tooth. It is expensive as it requires surgery which is why it is best to search around for dental practices that offers the best rate.

Tooth Implant Cost in Parramatta Dentistry

Parramatta Dentistry currently have a special offer on dental implants. Payment plan with Zip Pay and National Dental Plan is also available which makes dental implant plus CEREC crown for only $5,199 each.

Dental implants prices in Parramatta and around Sydney are fairly high especially since these types of procedures require surgery to perform. This is the reason why clients want to get the most out of their tooth implant cost in Parramatta.

This can be done by following proper oral hygiene and dental implant aftercare tips provided by your dentist.

Bad diet can increase the overall time it takes for your dental implants to heal making it more costly as you keep spending for your aftercare maintenance such as medicines. For that matter, it is important for patients to take the necessary steps in changing their diet for the time being as it will make your tooth implant recovery time much quicker and easier.

This often involves diet that revolves around soft foods such as eggs, beans or fish all of which have healthy amounts of protein that are known to be good for the teeth. Cheese, fruits and vegetables, cooked cereals and soft sweets can be enjoyed after getting a dental implant.

Following this diet regimen will definitely go a long way in helping reduce the total implant cost in Parramatta that you are getting.



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