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A Suburb for Sports Enthusiasts


Granville offers affordable dental services.Granville is a suburb in western Sydney that got its name after the British Colonial Secretary, the Granville Leveson-Gower, 2nd Earl Granville. It is important to note that Granville and South Granville are two different suburbs.

The latter has a distinguishing feature of a light industrial area making it quite easy to tell them apart. The approximate border between Granville and South Granville is from Lisgar, Redfern, Heath and Mona Streets.

The suburb has a mixture of residential, commercial and industrial developments making it a great place to visit to learn more about its rich history and how it came to be.

Among the list of popular attractions in Granville include the Granville Town Hall, the Royal Hotel, the Brianna’s function centre, St. Marks Anglican Church, St. Aphanasius Church, the White Palace as well as the Crest building which is a movie theatre that was used for screening movies up until 1963.

For sports enthusiasts, you might be pleased to hear that Granville has an Olympic size pool and a football facility. There is also the Sydney Speedway which is a 460 metres (500 yards) dirt track speedway which opened in 1977 home to some of Australia’s greatest drivers.

Dental services are also something Granville is proud of. Dentists in Granville welcome their patients on a regular day to day basis. These individuals provide timely dental care to their patients keeping their oral health in check.

This in turn helps give the residents of Granville a huge boost in confidence allowing them to smile wholeheartedly without any hesitation.

Granville is home to the best dentist and it is good to hear that their services have become easily accessible in the present. These clinics having their very own websites has contributed greatly in keeping them in touch with their clients.

As a result, patients will be able to book a dental appointment when the need calls for them to do so.

Dental emergencies can result to a loss tooth. Sometimes such accidents cannot be avoided even when extra care and caution is being practiced. It is good to hear however, that there are plenty of alternatives that are available for patients to help replace their loss teeth.

Popular dental options in Granville are the dental implant and bridges.Granville provides high quality dental care.

Dental implants work great as a replacement teeth because of  its natural look and feel. Metal frames are are surgically positioned into the jawbone beneath your gums for added strength and durability. Dental bridges on the other hand, are responsible in bridging the the gap created by one or more missing teeth.

It should be noted that dental bridges does not require periodic removal for cleaning because they are fixed prosthetic restorations. This is the reason why many prefer them because of the added convenience that they bring.

Dental implant and bridges work hand in hand together in helping keep their patients teeth in good shape and form. Look for the best dentists in Granville to do these dental procedures for you.

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Coming from Sydney Speedway going to Parramatta Dentistry takes about 13 minute drive. Head southwest on Wentworth St toward Kay St and turn right onto Great Western Hwy/Parramatta Rd/A44 then another right onto Church St/Great Western Hwy/A44. Turn left onto Great Western Hwy/A44 and use the right 2 lanes to turn right at the 1st cross street onto Marsden St then go left onto Hunter St.


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