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Merrylands Central Gardens is a beautiful nature reserve.Merrylands is a suburb in western Sydney that is densely packed having a population of 29,653 in the 2016 census.

Merrylands is indeed one of the more populated suburbs and one of the reasons of its huge popularity is because of its favourable location.

The suburb is located 25 kilometres west of the Sydney central business district and is in the local government area of the Cumberland Council making it fairly accessible to the public. Furthermore, Merrylands has a commercial area around Merrylands railway station with supermarkets, discount department stores and specialty shops.

Merrylands has also benefited greatly for its parks and natural resources. Nature lovers will definitely enjoy the time they spend in this suburbs with plenty of parks to choose from. See also Parramatta Park

This includes the Central Gardens which is a protected nature reserve that has kangaroos, emus, bird life and waterfalls around the lake. The Ted Burge Reserve is used as a sporting field for cricket, soccer, softball and netball.

On the other hand, Merrylands Park is known for its sporting fields, tennis courts, barbecue areas and a swim centre which has several outdoor pools. There is also the Granville Park that also features several sporting fields, a barbecue area, basketball court, cricket and nets, and playground equipment.

There are indeed plenty of attractions in Merrylands which helps keep their guests engaged during their visit. Aside from these attractions, the quality of their services is also something people write home about.

One of them in particular is their dental services. Dentists in Merrylands are in charge of keeping their patients’ oral health in tip top shape.

It is good to hear that these dentists are doing their job pretty well and has exceeded expectations as the suburb is known for the bright and cheerful smiles of their residents.

Cosmetic dentist in Merrylands offer a variety of dental procedures to suit the preference and needs of each and every one of their patients. Among the list of popular cosmetic procedures include dental fillings, composite bonding, dental veneers, dental implants and many more.

Dental fillings provide support to strengthen teeth while at the same time helps restore their shape. Composite bonding on the other hand, uses a tooth-coloured resin material to bond with the teeth to restore or improve their patient’s smile.Merrylands Central Garden is an amazing nature reserve.

Dental veneers placed over a tooth to improve the colour, shape and position of teeth. Dental implants are replacement teeth that are surgically positioned in your jawbone for a more secured and tight fit.

Prevention is always better than cure and teeth whitening service is able to help prevent a variety of dental problems before they develop and become much worse.

Not only are patients able to keep their teeth sparkling clean but the added whitening service also helps clean teeth from the built up of tartar as well as plaque.

This in turn helps save them a fair amount of resources and time in the process. You may want to consider looking for a dentist in Merrylands to schedule an appointment during your visit to the suburb.


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