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Dental emergencies can happen to anyone in the form of accidents or other related mishaps. Quick thinking plays a huge role in helping save a tooth from further harm before seeing an emergency dentist.

This is the reason why it is important to know in advance what to do with these types of emergencies. Let us help guide you through some tips on how to deal with dental emergencies.

Getting in touch with an emergency dentist in Parramatta for emergency dental services is imperative however, there are a number of factors that can delay your visit such as the location of the clinic as well as the availability of the emergency dentist Sydney.

You can however, save a knocked-out tooth by placing them between your cheek and gums. Milk is also known to be a very good alternative as it contains proteins to keep cells growing unlike water which is known to cause root surface to swell up and even burst which is something that you don’t want to happen.

Emergency dental Parramatta

You can apply a quick remedy for a cracked tooth before seeing an after hours emergency dentist in Parramatta by using warm water to clean the affected area and applying cold compress on the face to reduce swelling.

The same principle also applies when you bite your tongue or lip.

Prevention is always better than cure with emergency dental in Parramatta.

This is why a number of individuals take the extra steps in helping reduce the likelihood of dental emergencies by using a mouth guard especially when engaging in sports or other recreational activities.




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How Diet Can Affect Your Dental Implant Cost

Dental implant cost in ParramattaIt should be noted that food is oftentimes the least of concern for people who have just received a dental implant. A common error a number of individuals take is taking their diet lightly or for granted.

Several patients go back to their everyday meals which can affect the overall integrity of their implant.

Let us look at what role food plays in helping you minimise the dental implant cost in Parramatta but first here’s an overview of tooth implant cost around Sydney.

Dental Implant Cost in Sydney

In most dental clinics around Sydney, dental implant cost about $6,000 – $8,000 per tooth. It is expensive as it requires surgery which is why it is best to search around for dental practices that offers the best rate.

Tooth Implant Cost in Parramatta Dentistry

Parramatta Dentistry currently have a special offer on dental implants. Payment plan with Zip Pay and National Dental Plan is also available which makes dental implant plus CEREC crown for only $5,199 each.

Dental implants prices in Parramatta and around Sydney are fairly high especially since these types of procedures require surgery to perform. This is the reason why clients want to get the most out of their tooth implant cost in Parramatta.

This can be done by following proper oral hygiene and dental implant aftercare tips provided by your dentist.

Bad diet can increase the overall time it takes for your dental implants to heal making it more costly as you keep spending for your aftercare maintenance such as medicines. For that matter, it is important for patients to take the necessary steps in changing their diet for the time being as it will make your tooth implant recovery time much quicker and easier.

This often involves diet that revolves around soft foods such as eggs, beans or fish all of which have healthy amounts of protein that are known to be good for the teeth. Cheese, fruits and vegetables, cooked cereals and soft sweets can be enjoyed after getting a dental implant.

Following this diet regimen will definitely go a long way in helping reduce the total implant cost in Parramatta that you are getting.



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Traditional vs. Mini Implants



Implant in ParramattaDental implant in Parramatta is getting more and more popular these days. A dental implant is a fixed artificial tooth and very ideal for patients with gaps.

Dental implants are very durable as it can last for 10-25 years if the patient who has it knows how to follow good oral hygiene. It is also made to blend with your natural teeth so people will not notice that you have an artificial tooth.

There are two types of a dental implant in Parramatta, we have the traditional implants and the latest type of implant in Parramatta which is the mini implants.

Now, what is the difference between the two and which works better? Actually, both implants work well it just depends on every patient’s case.

Not all patients are eligible to have traditional or mini implants. Traditional implants need a decent amount of bone structure to secure the artificial tooth and if the patient has significant bone loss, the traditional implants won’t work.

As for mini implants in Parramatta, they are smaller than traditional implants and it is also less invasive so the healing process is faster and it is recommended for patients with bone atrophy; this works similar to traditional implants.

How Much is Dental Implant in Sydney?

Traditional dental implant in Sydney costs around $6,000 – $8,000 per tooth which is quite costly whilst mini dental implant would probably cost around $3,000 more or less.

Dental Implant Cost at Parramatta Dentistry

The traditional dental implant cost in Parramatta starts from $5,199 per tooth with payment plan and that’s with CEREC crown as well. Mini dental implants cost in Parramatta is definitely cheaper than traditional implants.

Your dentist will be the one who will be able to recommend what type of dental implants will work for you and will inform you of the pros and cons of traditional and mini dental implants.



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Important Considerations For Teeth Whitening



Due to the advancement of our dental practice, there are a lot of options for teeth whitening. And we are intrigued by what are the best options for teeth whitening.

Since social media is a huge influence in our generation, we always want to know the new trends for maintaining attractive white teeth.

The market now is flooded with teeth whitening products and most of us tend to believe in commercials that we see on any social media platforms, some of them are cheap and some are not. We also cannot guarantee if those products are really effective.

You also need to be cautious in buying those products because some of them are not even tested and approved by the TGA which could cause some problems to our health.

Teeth whitening in Parramatta is getting more and more popular. Having white teeth is an instant attraction and having yellow teeth is a big no for all of us.

The most recommended type of teeth whitening in Sydney is in-chair teeth whitening as you only need 45 minutes to an hour and you will be able to see the changes in the colour of your teeth.

Pros and cons of teeth whitening in Parramatta

But what are the long term effects of teeth whitening? For you to prolong the effect of laser teeth whitening, it is important that you follow the advice of your dentist, maintain good oral hygiene and avoid bad habits like smoking and not brushing regularly.

To maximise the effect of teeth whitening, it is important that you already have your scale and clean done prior to your teeth whitening appointment to avoid ugly results. Be informed that temporary sensitivity can be felt after the treatment.

Always inform your dentist about your dental history to avoid problems later on and always ask about the pros and cons of teeth whitening.



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Average Cost Needed For Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers Cost in ParramattaWho doesn’t want to have a perfect smile? Everyone wants to have a perfect smile. We now exist in a world where everyone is influenced by social media and selfie where perfect set of teeth is a must.

There are a lot of dental treatments that will help you achieve that perfect smile. One of those treatments is dental veneers.

Dental veneers are getting more and more popular for both men and women these days. Veneers in Parramatta are known as a permanent replacement for a stained tooth that cannot be fixed by teeth whitening, uneven teeth, worn out teeth caused by Bruxism, and chipped tooth.

Dental veneers in Parramatta also look more natural, it can be done in 1-2 appointments and it doesn’t stain. The only thing that you need to consider before having dental veneers is to address the existing problems first like severe gum problems, tooth decay as well as Bruxism to avoid additional expense.

Dental Veneers Cost Around Sydney

Dental veneers cost in Parramatta depends on what type of veneers you would like to have. Porcelain veneers cost in Sydney is around $2,000 per tooth whilst $800 to $1000 for composite veneers cost per tooth in Parramatta, Sydney.

Cost of Dental Veneers at Parramatta Dentistry

Porcelain veneers cost in Parramatta Dentistry is only $1,800 each for less than 6 veneers whilst $1,400 each for more than 6 veneers. Porcelain veneers can last 10 to 15 years depending on how you take care of your teeth. For composite veneers, it is only $695 per tooth and usually lasts from 5-8 years. Payment plan is also available in our practice, you can ask our receptionist to know more about it.

It is important that you follow good oral hygiene to maximise the life span of your veneers. Dental veneers are not usually covered by insurance since it is considered a cosmetic treatment.

For financial concerns, look for dental veneers special offer from your dental clinic’s website to avail an exclusive discount. Also, a lot of dental practices offer payment plans just ask them if you need assistance.



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How Does Invisalign Works?

Invisalign Cost in ParramattaHaving straight teeth is a huge confidence booster and Invisalign is one of the latest types of treatment to straighten your teeth. It’s a good replacement for metal braces which is a bit uncomfortable and is usually attached to teeth for 24 hours and 7 times a week.

Unlike metal braces, Invisalign braces is removable so it’s not difficult to maintain good oral hygiene but you need to wear it for 20–22 hours a day. The treatment time though varies by case.

It is also transparent so people won’t notice that you are wearing it. It is recommended for professionals or anyone who wants to keep their orthodontics unnoticeable.

Metal braces and Invisalign requires a retainer to maintain good results. But how much does Invisalign cost in Parramatta? Invisalign price in Parramatta depends on the case of the patient.

Your orthodontist in Parramatta is the one who can recommend to see how many aligners you will need for the treatment and in that way you will be able to determine how much is the cost of Invisalign Sydney.

Invisalign Cost Sydney

The average cost of Invisalign is ranging from $8,000–$10,000 or more. It is quite expensive so it is wiser to search around for dental practices that gives an affordable rate.

Invisalign Price in Parramatta Dentistry

At Parramatta Dentistry, the Invisalign cost starts from $4,300 to $7,790 depending on the Invisalign package that best suits the patient’s teeth. The Express Package is $4,300, Lite Package is $6,690, Moderate Package is $7,590, and Comprehensive Package is at $7,790.

The Invisalign braces cost in Parramatta again depends on the recommendation of your dentist. The cost varies on a case-to-case basis depending on your individual needs and it should be discussed with your orthodontist.

It is also important that you already know the pros and cons of the treatment. Always remember that not all treatments will be effective if you will not follow the advice of your orthodontist.



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Filling The Gaps in Your Smile

Tooth replacement in ParramattaTooth replacement in Parramatta is getting more and more popular these days to both men and women.

Why? Having a complete smile is our confidence booster, not only that but teeth also have a huge role in our speech.

People who have lost some of their teeth especially on the front part have difficulty in pronouncing their words clearly and it also affects your facial features.

If you have lost a number of teeth, it will make you look older than your age.

We should be thankful that we have advanced technology and that dental implants are now available. Dental implants or others may call it as denture implants are the best way to replace gaps.

Unlike dentures or dental bridges, implants can last from 10-25 years depending on how good you maintain it.

Tooth implant also looks like your natural teeth so people will not notice that you have an artificial tooth. Also, dental implants make your bone much stronger due to bone grafting.

The only thing that you need to consider is the cost of dental implants in Parramatta as it starts from $5199 depending on how many tooth implants you need. The price is overwhelming because it is usually not covered by dental insurance as it’s considered a cosmetic procedure. But some dental practice office has payment plan options; all you need to do is to ask them.

Dental implants are also not suitable to all patients, it is still a case to case basis and your dentist will be the one who can explain that to you better once you have your initial consult. Just remember to always ask the advantage and disadvantages of every treatment you will have.



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Dental Implants Recovery Period



tooth implant in Parramatta recovery timeDealing with gaps is very annoying and also depressing at the same time. A complete set of teeth is what we always wanted.

As we age, we cannot avoid the fact that we will slowly lose our teeth and we can’t do anything about it. Dental implants are one of the best options that our dentist would usually recommend.

Tooth implant in Parramatta is getting more famous despite the dental implant cost in Parramatta. People tend to choose dental implants because it can last a lifetime or around 10 – 25 years if you only know how to take care of it.

Not everyone is eligible for dental implants. Your dentist will do a series of test to determine if you can have dental implants.

Dental implant procedure timeline takes between 3-6 months to be completed. The reason for this is because some dental implants need bone grafting to have a successful treatment.

The tooth implant recovery time after surgery depends on individual healing period. Dental implant procedure pain is normal, your dentist will prescribe a medication like Ibuprofen to remove the discomfort.

It is usually advised to have a soft diet after the procedure to avoid further trauma to the fresh wounds and to also lessen your discomfort. Bruising and swelling are also normal after the procedure in which the dentist will usually advise having cold compress after the procedure to lessen the swelling.

What you need to do after the treatment is to follow your dentist’s advice and make sure you have a follow-up appointment to avoid problems later on.

Restorative Dentistry

Are Dental Implants Ideal or Not?

Dental Implant Cost in ParramattaWe always want to keep our teeth healthy and complete. As much as possible we always want to avoid tooth extraction, but as we age we really can’t deny that we will slowly lose our teeth and there are so many options for it to be replaced.

The most common tooth replacement for patients is dentures. Dentures are artificial tooth which is removable and can be replaced anytime you want.

Another method for tooth replacement is a dental bridge. A dental bridge is also a false tooth but unlike dentures, it is not removable and that is held in place by the abutment teeth on either side of the gap.

The most natural looking and permanent type of tooth replacements is dental implants. There are different types of dental implants but it all depends on the patient’s case.

Dental implants are not suitable for everyone, a series of test are needed to be done by your cosmetic dentist just to make sure if dental implants are ideal for you. Some dental implants need bone grafting and it is important that you already informed your dentist if you have pre-existing medical conditions.

Medical conditions like diabetes will hinder the healing process when you undergo treatment so it is important that you will tell your dentist honestly.

Dental implant cost in Parramatta depends on what type of implants you will have. The cost of dental implants in Parramatta varies on the credentials of your dentist and how advanced your dental practice is in terms of technology.

Dental Implant Cost in Sydney

There are affordable dental implants in Parramatta but it still depends on your case. Normally, it is around $4,000 to $6,000 per tooth implant cost in Parramatta.

Cost of Dental Implants in Parramatta Dentistry

At Parramatta Dentistry, dental implant cost with CEREC crown is only $5,199 with payment plan.

Most of the insurance company doesn’t cover this treatment since it is considered as a cosmetic procedure. You can always ask your dental practice for payment plan options to help you out.




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Advantages of Composite Veneers



Dental veneers are the best answer for stained teeth problems. It is the perfect treatment to beautify the severely stained teeth that cannot be fixed by teeth whitening.

There are two types of veneers, composite and porcelain. Composite veneers in Parramatta is one of the most common procedure because it is cheaper than porcelain veneers. Composite veneers cost per tooth in Parramatta is $695 per tooth which is half the price than porcelain veneers.

A composite veneer can last for 4-8 years unlike porcelain veneers which can last for 10-15 years. The life span of your veneers depends on how well you follow a good routine for your oral hygiene.

Not all patients are eligible to have composite veneers though as patients with severe tooth decay and gum disease has a weak structure of tooth due to decay, crooked teeth and frequent teeth grinding or Bruxism which are not advised to have composite veneer.

You need to inform your dentist in advance if you have these existing oral problems. It is important that the existing dental problems will be addressed first so that you will not waste your money for redoing composite veneers.

Veneer teeth in Parramatta are of high demand because the outcome is astonishing especially for composite veneer which can only be done in a single visit and you can really see the drastic change from ugly to beauty. Composite Veneers in Parramatta

The only concern that you have with composite veneers Sydney is that it is not as durable as a porcelain veneer.

Composite veneer will last longer if the patient also takes care of his or her teeth properly. For sure your dentist will never forget to inform you of what is needed to be done after treatment.




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